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We offer a wide range of options for families to honour and remember their loved ones. Whether you are planning ahead or at the time of need, our Customer Service Advisors will help select the option that is right for you.

For a full list of our pricing, visit our fees and charges schedule.


Our Customer Service Advisors would be pleased to review pre-planning options with you. In addition to affordable prices, we allow for the purchase of a new interment property to be made interest-free over a period of up to one year.

Casket burial

Traditional casket burial lots are currently available at Brookside, St. Vital and Transcona cemeteries. Casket burial lots can be used as a single burial space or can accommodate multiple family members. Most lots can accommodate up to four interments (one casket interment and up to three cremation interments situated above the casket burial).

Depending on the section, casket lots at Brookside and Transcona cemeteries can accommodate an upright and/or flat marker(s) for memorialization, while St. Vital cemetery only allows for flat markers.

Concrete vaults or grave liners are allowed for but not required at all three of our cemeteries.

Historic property section lot

Brookside Cemetery offers a limited number of lots within an older, established area of the cemetery. These lots are very popular given their premium location and abundance of mature trees.

These lots allow for an upright monument on an individual foundation.

Green burials

We do not offer green burials at this time but we are exploring the possibility of establishing green burial area(s) within our cemeteries. Please contact us to learn about burial options that we currently provide and/or future potential green burial options.

Cremation interments

Cremation burial lots

These lots can be used as a single burial space or for multiple family members.

Columbarium niche

This urn within a columbarium niche  is an above ground structure designed and used for the interment of the cremated remains of a deceased person. Columbaria are made up of individual niches, which can house one or more urns containing cremated remains. The front of each niche can include an engraving to memorialize your loved one.

There are many columbaria to choose from, including the ‘Rock of Ages’ which is located within the Field of Honour at Brookside Cemetery and reserved for those who have fought for our country and their loved ones.

Memorial boulders

All of our cemeteries include small and large memorial boulders, which allow for the interment of cremated remains alongside it. Most boulders are located within the Garden of Remembrance, which provides a beautifully landscaped and tranquil setting. The boulders include space for a plaque, which can memorialize your loved one.

Scattering gardens

Brookside, St. Vital and Transcona cemeteries include scattering gardens, which are set aside for the in-ground interment of cremated remains. These areas are meticulously maintained and beautifully landscaped. A Book of Memories at Brookside and St. Vital cemeteries provide options for memorialization on a personalized bronze plaque.

Ossuary / sub-surface ash crypt

This underground chamber, which is used for the loose/co-mingled cremated remains of loved ones is available for use at Brookside cemetery and provides the most affordable option for cremation interment.


The Administration Office located at Brookside Cemetery has a large display of affordable, high quality, commemorative urns ranging in material from stone, marble and granite, to biodegradable options. Offered in many shapes and styles, urns symbolize beauty and eternity and create a permanent memorial to those who have passed. Our Customer Service Advisors will provide you with assistance in selecting an urn.

Please note: glass, ceramic or pottery urns (i.e. breakable items) are not accepted, and wood urns are not recommended for use in outdoor columbaria.

If you want to provide additional protection for your urn or include personal memorabilia, you may be interested in a cremation vault. It is a reinforced outer structure that protects everything placed inside against moisture and the weight of the earth. You could include flowers, a favourite book or toy, or other personal items.

Vaults combine innovative technology and meticulous attention to detail to offer superior strength and protection.

Memorial & donation options

We offer several memorial options to honour the life of your loved one.

Book of Memories

Brookside and St. Vital cemeteries include a Book of Memories, where you can place a personalized plaque to remember your loved one.

Memorial benches

Our memorial benches are made of composite recycled plastic on stainless steel supports. The bench is then installed on a concrete foundation and is built to last for many years. A commemorative plaque can be placed on the bench with a personalized message.

Application to Purchase a Commemorative Bench Plaque (PDF, 75KB)

Memorial Bench Donation Form (PDF, 64KB)

Memorial trees

We plant 60-70mm caliper basket stock to help ensure a healthy tree and guarantee replacement of the tree if it does not flourish within three years of planting. Contact us for a list of the types of trees available for planting.

Memorial Tree Donation Form (PDF, 64KB)

The location for the bench or tree is selected in co-operation with the donor. However, the Cemeteries Branch reserves the right to make the final location decision.

Perpetual Maintenance Reserve Fund donations

You may donate to the Perpetual Maintenance Reserve Fund to help with the cost of maintenance of the cemetery grounds. The donation can be directed to be invested in a specific cemetery's fund.

Perpetual Maintenance Reserve Fund Donation Form (PDF, 58KB)

General donations

If you have an idea for a donation or would like to discuss making a general donation to the maintenance and improvement of any of the three cemeteries, contact us to discuss your idea.

General Donation Form (PDF, 62KB)

Tax deductions

All donations are tax deductible (with the exception of the cost of memorialization). You will receive a tax receipt for the full amount paid at the end of the tax year.


We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

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