Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service incident response

The information provided here is based on the 9-1-1 caller's reporting of events. As incidents unfold, the nature of the incident or location may change as crews receive more information or arrive on scene. For example, a person may report a suspected fire, but when crews arrive, they determine there is no fire or risk of fire. This type of call would still get categorized as a fire. It may be helpful to consider how many crews are on scene and how long they are on scene when you review this data.

The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS) responds to more than 100,000 calls for service each year in Winnipeg. All calls since 2015 can be located on the City of Winnipeg's Open Data portal. 

Active incidents are listed below. An incident is active if there is one (or more) WFPS unit assigned to it and the incident is ongoing. This page is updated every 5 minutes, so please refresh your browser for the most current information.

Recently-closed events are incidents that have been logged in the last 24 hours but where WFPS crews are no longer on scene. 



Active incidents

Recently closed incidents

The following additional incidents have been closed within the last 24 hours.


Medical Response: an incident that is primarily medical in nature. No further details are provided out of respect for personal health information.
Fire Rescue Fire: a suspected or working fire in a building, outdoors, or in a vehicle.
Fire Rescue Alarm: reports of a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm sounding in a building. There may or may not be a fire or carbon monoxide incident at this location.
Fire Rescue Rescue: reports of a person requiring assistance or one of the following types of specialized service: water or ice rescue, confined space rescue, technical rescue, high-angle rescue, or elevator rescue.
Fire Rescue HazMat: an incident that may involve potentially hazardous materials.
Motor Vehicle Incident: an incident involving at least one motor vehicle where emergency a medical or fire rescue response is required.
Fire Rescue Other: an incident that can't be categorized by the incident types above.
Fire Rescue – Structure Fire : a suspected or working fire in a building
Fire Rescue – Outdoor: a suspected or working fire involving vegetation, outdoor property, or debris
Fire Rescue – Train / Rail Emergency: an incident where the main concern involves a train or railway
Fire Rescue
 – Aircraft Emergency: an incident where the main concern involves an aircraft of any size

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