Mayors, past & present

The Gallery of Mayors, surrounding the Council Chamber, contains portraits of the Mayors who served Winnipeg throughout its history. Up to 1955, the Mayor was elected for a one year term. From then until 1972, the term of office was for two years. After unification of the city in 1972, the term was extended to three years. In 1998 the term of office was extended to four years.

Portraits de maires sur un mur de la Galerie des maires

Mayors are listed from the date of Winnipeg's incorporation in the year 1873.


1874Francis Evans Cornish, Q. C.
1875 - 1876William Nassau Kennedy
1877 - 1878Thomas Scott
1879 - 1880Alexander Logan
1881Elias George Conklin
1882Alexander Logan
1883Alexander McMicken
1884Alexander Logan
1885Charles Edward Hamilton
1886Henry Shaver Wesbrook
1887 - 1888Lyman Melvin Jones
1889Thomas Ryan
1890 - 1891Alfred Pearson
1892Alexander Macdonald
1893 - 1894Thomas William Taylor
1895Thomas Gilroy
1896Richard Willis Jameson
1897William F. McCreary
1898 - 1899Alfred Joseph Andrews


1900Horace Wilson
1901 - 1903John Arbuthnot
1904 - 1906Thomas Sharpe
1907 - 1908James Henry Ashdown
1909 - 1911William Sanford Evans
1912Richard Deans Waugh
1913 - 1914Thomas Russ Deacon
1915 - 1916Richard Deans Waugh
1917David J. Dyson - Unseated on recount, January 5, 1917
Frederick Harvey Davidson - Declared elected on recount, January 8, 1917
1918Frederick Harvey Davidson
1919 - 1920Charles Frederick Gray
1921Edward Parnell
1922Edward Parnell - Died June 9th, 1922
Frank Oliver Fowler - Elected June 20th, 1922
1923 - 1924Seymour James Farmer
1925 - 1927Lt. Col. Ralph Humphries Webb, D.S.O., M.C.
1928 - 1929Lt. Col. Dan McLean
1930 - 1934Lt. Col. Ralph Humphreys Webb, D.S.O., M.C.
1935 - 1936John Queen, M. L. A.
1937Frederick Edgar Warriner, D. D. S.
1938 - 1940John Queen, M. L. A.
1941 - 1942John Queen
1943 - 1954Garnet Coulter, Q. C.
1955 - 1956George Edward Sharpe
1957 - 1959Stephen Juba, M. L. A.
1960 - 1977Stephen Juba, OC
1977 - 1979Robert Steen, Q. C. - Died May 10th, 1979
William Norrie, Q. C. - Elected June 21st, 1979
1979 - 1992William Norrie, Q. C.
1992 - 1998Susan A. Thompson
1998 - 1999Glen Murray


2000 - 2004Glen Murray
2004 - 2014Sam Katz
2014 - 2022Brian Bowman
2022 - presentScott Gillingham
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