Security requirements for vacant buildings

For detailed information on vacant building security requirements, see Vacant Buildings By-law Schedule B.

Vacant buildings are required to be secured. There are three options:

  1. Conventionally secure a vacant building with proper fitting, secured windows and doors as outlined in Vacant Buildings By-law Schedule B, Part I
  2. Board it according to the standards outlined in Vacant Buildings By-law Schedule B, Part II (boarded building permit is required)
  3. Board it according to the standards outlined in Vacant Buildings By-law Schedule B, Part III (boarded building permit is required)

Boarded building permit

Vacant buildings require a boarded building permit in advance of boarding.

Boarding without a boarded building permit may result in a $1,000 penalty.

Boarded building permits are intended to:

  • Ensure boarding standards
  • Discourage long-term boarding
  • Encourage the rehabilitation and removal of boards in a timely manner through a partial refund when eligible

Owners may be eligible for an exemption from the permit for buildings required to be temporarily boarded for construction work.


If an order has been issued due to non-compliance, the City can take the following actions:

  • Issue a ticket for non-compliance with the By-law
  • Remediate the conditions on the order and apply all costs to the property tax bill, which may include:
    • Boarding the building in compliance with Schedule B
    • Obtaining a boarded building permit
    • Applying any administrative costs and a monetary penalty of $1,000

How to apply:

Send the completed Application for vacant building services (PDF, 251KB) form to:


Licensing & Bylaw Enforcement
395 Main St.
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 3N8

Boarded building exemption certificate

If the building has already been boarded, you do not qualify for an exemption certificate. You will require a boarded building permit.

If temporary boarding is reasonably required for a construction project, a boarded building exemption certificate allows you to board the building:

  • Without a boarded building permit
  • Without payment of the associated boarded building fee

The building can not be boarded until the application is approved.

There is no charge for the exemption certificate.

If the conditions are not met, a boarded building permit will be required.

A boarded building exemption certificate can be revoked if the Administrator decides that:

  • Inadequate construction progress is being made
  • Construction work is not completed in a manner accepted as good workmanship in the trade concerned
  • Construction work is not completed using suitable materials
  • The nature of the work no longer necessitates the building to be boarded

How to apply:

Send the completed Boarded building exemption certificate (PDF, 281KB) form to:


Licensing & Bylaw Enforcement
395 Main St.
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 3N8


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