Winnipeg Transit Master Plan

In 2021, Winnipeg City Council approved the Winnipeg Transit Master Plan. It proposes changes and improvements to our service and infrastructure.

It includes a broad, conceptual vision of the next 25 years and a more detailed path for the first five years. You can read the entire plan online.

Since it was approved, we’ve been taking steps to make it reality.

Next step: Primary Transit Network and its feeder routes

The first big step we’re working on is developing a new city-wide route network, subject to Council approval.

We’re inviting members of the public to learn more about the proposed network. You can visit the Primary Transit Network page to find out how it works, and how to attend a public information event in late February/early March.

Over the next few months, we will finalize the Primary Transit Network design. We’ll also plan its implementation and rollout. Both the design and implementation plan are subject to Council’s approval.

Rapid Transit infrastructure

Rapid Transit infrastructure expansion is proposed as the core of the system laid out in the Winnipeg Transit Master Plan. The proposed Rapid Transit network is comprised of six rapid transit corridors linked together to form three Rapid Transit lines that extend throughout the city.

The priority for Rapid Transit is the downtown infrastructure, including an elevated transitway through downtown that would establish Union Station as the city’s flagship mobility hub.

Family of Services

The WTMP proposes changes to Winnipeg Transit Plus to create a more seamless, integrated, and universally accessible network using a model known as Family of Services that better integrates conventional transit service with On-Request service and Winnipeg Transit Plus.

What we’re working on

Here’s a snapshot of WTMP recommendations we’re working on, short-term and long:

ProjectService or Infrastructure?StatusTimeline
Primary Transit Network (Short-term network) design and implementationServiceProject is ongoing, proposed network to be shared in early 2024Network will launch in June 2025
Primary Transit Network InfrastructureInfrastructureProject is upcomingFunding anticipated to begin in 2025
Design of Downtown Rapid Transit CorridorsInfrastructureProject is upcomingFunding anticipated to begin design in 2025
Winnipeg Transit Plus Transition to Family of Services ModelServiceProject is upcoming. Groundwork is being laid with Primary Transit Network infrastructure to improve stop accessibility, the wheelchair retrofit project, etc.Timeline TBD
Construction of Downtown Rapid Transit CorridorsInfrastructureProject will proceed when funding is in placeTimeline TBD – 5+ years in future
Ongoing Service Development: expanding routes, service hours, improving frequency of routes, and refining the networkServiceProjects will proceed when funding is in placeTimeline TBD – Ongoing, post Primary Transit Network launch
Ongoing Rapid Transit Expansion design and construction, phased from downtown outwardsInfrastructureProjects will proceed when funding is in placeTimeline TBD – 10+ years in future
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