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  • At busy times, we have the authority to complete a foursome with other players as needed. Such arranged foursomes are to remain together until the completion of the round.
  • Each golfer must have a set of clubs including a bag. Two or more players sharing a set is not permitted.
  • Players may play only one ball at a time and must play the golf course in the proper sequence. Players skipping and jumping holes may be ejected from the course.



  • Spectators are permitted to accompany golfers provided they sign a waiver in the pro shop.

Golfers with accessibility needs

  • Golfers who require assistance to golf may apply to Winnipeg Golf Services by email to have a spotter or assistant accompany them while on the golf course. There is no charge for the spotter/assistant, but the golfer must pay the necessary green fee.
  • Golfers who require the use of their own specialized accessible power cart must gain approval from Winnipeg Golf Services before using it at any municipal golf course.
  • Those wishing to use a specialized accessible power cart must sign a liability waiver and pay the applicable trail fee prior to the start of each round.

Dress code

  • Golfers are expected to wear proper golf attire at all times, including a shirt, suitable shorts or slacks, and appropriate footwear.
  • Golf course staff have the authority to refuse the entry of any improperly dressed golfers.


  • At present, memberships are not available at any municipal golf course.

Slow play

  • An 18-hole game of golf should take no longer than 4 hours, 15 minutes to play.
  • Players should play without delay, keeping a safe distance and proper pace behind the group ahead.
  • Players should be ready to play when it is their turn.
  • Players should try and limit the number of practice swings before playing their shot.
  • When on the putting green, players should line up their putt while other group members are putting.


  • No one should move, talk, stand too close, or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
  • No players shall play before all members of the group ahead of them are safely out of range.
  • When the play or hole is completed, players should immediately leave the putting green.
  • A single golfer on the course shall have no priority on the course and should give way to a group of golfers.
  • Golf course staff may remove golfers from the course for flagrant violations of course rules and regulations or etiquette, such as:
    • Obnoxious behaviour
    • Excessive consumption of alcohol
    • Alcohol not purchased from the concession vendor
    • Damage to the course
    • Continuously holding up play
    • Failure to follow course design on a hole by hole basis
    • Deliberately hitting a golf ball over a perimeter fence or across a river


  • Did you make a hole-in-one? Congratulations! Players who score a hole-in-one are required to complete a "hole-in-one" form in the pro shop immediately after the completion of their round. The player must have a least one witness to verify the achievement. Pro shop staff will forward this information to Golf Manitoba where a certificate will be prepared to commemorate the hole-in-one.

Power carts

  • Any person renting a power cart must be 18 years of age and present a valid driver's license upon rental.
  • The use of a private power cart is permitted, provided the user pays the prescribed trail fee.
  • During periods of inclement weather, power carts may not be operating because of their potential to damage the turf. During these periods, golfers with accessibility needs who require a power cart to golf may also not be able to use or rent a power cart.


  • Use of the golf course and its facilities (including the parking areas) are at the risk of the user. The City of Winnipeg assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or for loss or damage to personal property.
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