Resident-led tree planting

Winnipeggers currently have three options for growing our urban forest, from home. Each of these options contributes to Winnipeg’s canopy cover. 

Buy a commemorative tree

Our commemorative tree donation program can help you remember a person, pet, or event. 

By taking part in the program, you give your memories roots and make our city more beautiful. 

The process is simple. You buy a tree from us for $1000. We plant it at the park of your choosing during our planting season (May through October).

Next steps: 

Hire a contractor to plant on public property

We know Winnipeggers want our city to be greener and more beautiful. Personally funding and adding trees in parks and on boulevards is one way to do this. 

To plant a tree on public property, you must: 

  • Identify and engage a City-approved contractor to plant and maintain the tree
    • When looking for an estimate, ask when the work could start and end, who would be responsible for clean-up, and what is included in the price
    • Get your estimate in writing
    • We recommend you get more than one estimate from more than one contractor
    • We also recommend you ask for and check contractors’ references to see their previous work
  • Ensure you have enough money to pay for the tree and the contractor
  • Work with the contractor to develop a planting plan that includes: 
    • The contractor name
    • The type of tree you want to plant
    • A description and diagram of the planting site
    • Maintenance requirements
  • Ensure the plan follows the City’s tree planting guidelines
  • Have your contractor submit an agreement (PDF, 397KB)(that includes your plan details) to us for review

We respond to all applicants to plant on public property within 14 business days. 

If we approve your plan, you may formally hire your contractor and begin work. 

If we do not approve your plan, we will make suggestions to improve your plan. We welcome you to make changes and resubmit your application. 

Our right tree, right place information has great tips to help ensure your submission is successful. 

Next steps: 

•    Review the Right Tree, Right Place information
•    Review the recommended tree species list (PDF, 597KB)
•    View a list of pre-approved contractors
•    Download the contractor agreement for planting on public property (PDF, 397KB)

Plant a tree on private property  

Perhaps the easiest way to help grow Winnipeg’s tree canopy is to plant a tree on your own property.  

Choosing the right tree for the right place is important, so we recommend you review our right tree, right place information before buying.  

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