Short-term rental accommodations

Short-term rentals are temporary accommodations — such as a house, condominium, or apartment — rented for payment by a property owner or primary tenant for a continuous period of less than 30 nights. These properties are typically rented through online platforms such as Airbnb or Vrbo. They also include bed-and-breakfasts offered within the owner’s residence.

Effective April 1, 2024: You need a City of Winnipeg business licence to provide short-term rentals for compensation. This applies to operators and platforms.

Licences must be renewed annually. Operators require a separate licence for each individual short-term rental.

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On March 20, 2024 as part of the City of Winnipeg’s 2024 Operating Budget, City Council approved an increase to the Accommodation Tax rate from 5% to 6%. Starting April 1, short-term rental operators will need to collect this tax on all rentals. The tax is to be paid to the City quarterly with the first payment date being July 2024. More information will be provided on how to make payments.

Restrictions on short-term rentals

New short-term rentals owned after February 23, 2023 

Owners of new short-term rentals:

  • Must be permanent residents of the City of Winnipeg
  • Are limited to owning one short-term rental
  • Can only rent out their primary residence

New short-term rentals are not permitted in the following zoning districts:

  • Residential Mobile Home (RMH)
  • Rural Residential (RR2, RR5)

Search an address to find your property's zoning district.

Existing short-term rentals owned on or before February 23, 2023

Owners of existing short-term rentals must be:

  • A permanent resident of the City of Winnipeg, or
  • A corporation wholly owned by residents of the City of Winnipeg

If an existing short-term rental is owned by someone who does not live in Winnipeg, or by a corporation not owned by Winnipeg residents, it will not be permitted.

An individual owner can license up to four existing short-term rentals:

  • One primary residence
  • Up to three non-primary residences, provided they owned them on or before February 23, 2023

A partnership or corporation can license up to three existing short-term rentals, provided they owned them on or before February 23, 2023.

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