Pool rules

Lifeguards Have Complete Authority

The onsite supervisor has the right to allow or prevent access to any part of the pool or the pool in its entirety should there be any safety concern regarding the patron's use of the facility

Persons of all ages have the right to a safe and respectful environment. Inappropriate or unlawful behaviour is not tolerated in City of Winnipeg facilities or programs.

Our goal is to provide a safe, respectful, welcoming, and inclusive environment that customers and participants will thrive in. 

Every customer will:

  • respect personal safety and boundaries
  • maintain a respectful environment, free of:
    • racism
    • discrimination
    • harassment
    • disruptive conflict
    • violence
  • refrain from engaging in misconduct of a sexual, physical, or verbal nature
  • immediately report any inappropriate or unlawful behavior to an employee on duty


Customers will be asked to leave if:

  • they choose not to follow the code of conduct, or 
  • do not change their behaviour when asked

Other consequences may include:

  • suspension of service privileges
  • banning from City of Winnipeg properties
  • legal charges

Examples of inappropriate conduct

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Refusal to follow facility rules
  • Refusal to adhere to employee’s request to adhere to rules
  • Misuse of any facility space, including washrooms 
  • Intentional interference with:
    • another customer’s use and enjoyment of the facility or program
    • the ability of employees to perform their duties
  • Any criminal activity
  • Inappropriate conduct involving children 

For privacy reasons, the City of Winnipeg does not:

  • disclose personal information
  • mediate between parties in cases of patron inappropriate behavior

The City of Winnipeg  partners with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P). All disclosures, allegations or suspicions of sexual, unlawful, or inappropriate behavior by a patron in our recreation facilities are taken seriously and followed up on.


  • Height and age requirements must be met
  • Walk on the pool deck - do not run
  • Access to showers, lockers, washrooms will be reduced and cleaned frequently, as will public spaces. Deck chairs will not be available; patrons may bring their own chairs. Picnic tables will be cleaned frequently.
  • Patrons are encouraged to bring their own lifejackets/PFDs.
  • Other than PFDs no other pool equipment will be provided.
  • Inflatable toys, buoyant objects or skin diving equipment are not allowed in the pool unless specific authority is given by the lifeguard in charge
  • Spitting, spouting of water, pushing and horseplay is not permitted
  • When emergency buzzer sounds, clear the pool immediately
  • Proper swim attire is required
  • Non-toilet trained infants/toddlers and participants who experience incontinence must wear leak-proof swim pants or garments of a similar nature
  • Do not use loud or abusive language in or around the pool
  • Street shoes are not permitted on the pool deck
  • Have fun and respect others

Sodium hypochlorite; a Manitoba Health approved disinfecting product for COVID 19, is being used for disinfecting public high touch services every two to three hours or more frequently, if required, including:

  • doors and door handles for entrance/exits, change rooms, equipment rooms
  • counters and desks in lobbies and offices
  • toilets, urinals, sinks
  • on-deck hand rails, slide hand rails, lifeguard chairs, rescue equipment, chair lifts
  • specialized equipment including control knobs and levers for water sprayers
  • PFD pick up and drop off locations
  • light switches
  • picnic tables–no other deck furniture will be provided

From the Public Health Act

  1. No person infected with a communicable disease or having open sores on his or her body shall enter the water;
  2. No person shall bring a glass container onto the deck area of the pool or facility; and
  3. No person shall engage in play hazardous to other persons in and around the pool or facility.

Use of Technological Devices at Aquatic Facilities

  • For a positive and safe experience for everyone at our aquatic facilities, patrons wishing to use cameras, video cameras or other photographic/smart devices to take pictures or video at the pool must have permission from onsite staff before doing so.
  • The use of all technological devices is prohibited in washrooms, change rooms and locker rooms.

Rules for Sauna Use

  • Must be 15 years of age or accompanied by an adult
  • Maximum time limit is 10 minutes
  • Persons with the following conditions  should consult their physician prior to using sauna:
    • Heart conditions
    • High or low blood pressure
    • Diabetes
    • Other medical conditions
    • Women who are pregnant
  • Do not use prior to, during  or  after strenuous exercise
  • Please shower after use, prior to entering pool
  • Dry sauna – do not  use water on rocks
  • Do not exercise in sauna
  • No shaving  in sauna
  • No personal grooming in the sauna

Rules for Whirlpool Use

  • Must be 12 years of age or accompanied by an adult
  • Maximum time limit is 10 minutes
  • Keep head above water at all times
  • Long hair must be restrained or tied up to minimize risk of being caught in equipment

Rules for Use of Elmwood Kildonans Water Slide

  • Must be 42" (107 cm) to ride this slide
  • Follow the instructions of the Lifeguard - they will tell you when it is safe to slide
  • One slider at a time
  • No running, standing, kneeling, rotating, tumbling or stopping on the slide
  • Slide feet first, on your back, or in sitting position
  • Keep arms, hands, and feet inside the flume
  • Jewelry, locker pins, eye glasses should be removed or placed in a spot which will not cause damage to the slider or the slide
  • Suitable swim attire must be worm; no buckles, rivets or sharp objects which may cause damage to the slider or the slide
  • Shoes, sandals or footwear are not permitted on the slide

It is considered unsafe to use a waterslide:

  • If you are pregnant
  • For persons with limb or back/ neck weakness or disability
  • For persons with heart or blood pressure ailments
  • For persons with any condition which could predispose them to further aggravation of their pre-existing condition or injury

  • Wading pools have a maximum depth of 45-60 cm ( 18-24 in.)
  • For children 12 years of age and under.
  • Children under 7 years of age must have a parent/guardian 12 years of age or older actively supervising them.
  • Appropriate swimwear is required (i.e. swimsuit, shorts).
  • Wading Pool Attendant must be on duty while swimming. (wading pools only)
  • Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear a leak-proof swim garment.
  • No play hazardous to other patrons. This includes, but is not limited to: running, climbing structures, spitting water, throwing buckets of water, the use of water guns or hitting.
  • No smoking within 30 m (City of Winnipeg BY-LAW NO. 62/2011).(See No Smoking By-law)
  • No alcohol/drugs.
  • No glass or food on the pool deck.
  • No large inflatable devices. (See floatation devices/Water toys)
  • No Diving.
  • Small water toys are allowed. (See floatation devices/Water toys)
  • No bicycles/skateboards/scooters/in-line skates, etc.
  • No abusive/profane language.
  • Animals are not permitted, with the exception of service animals. Service animals are not permitted in the water.
  • Do not drink pool water or water from spray features.
  • Persons infected with a communicable disease or having open sores cannot enter the water.

Floatation devices

Floatation devices are not allowed in wading pools with the exception of:

  • Life jackets
  • Floatation rings (no larger than 18 inches in diameter)
  • Water Wings

The Wading Pool Attendant has the authority to limit the use of floatation devices in the wading pool if it is at capacity.

Water Toys

  • Water toys such as small boats, water sieves, shovels, small buckets, etc., are allowed in the wading pool.
  • Patrons will be asked to remove water toys from the pool by the Wading Pool Attendant if the following occurs:
    • Buckets are used to throw water at other children or putting sand in the pool.
    • The wading pool is at capacity and the toys are deemed hazardous to other patrons.
    • The toys are causing issues among the children in the wading pool i.e. fighting over toys.
    • Water guns are not permitted.

Slide rules

  • Children 12 years of age and under only.
  • Children under 7 years of age must be actively supervised when using the slide.
  • Feet first only.
  • One child permitted at a time.
  • No playing at the bottom of the slide.

Use of technological devices at aquatic facilities

  • For a positive and safe experience for everyone at our aquatic facilities, patrons wishing to use cameras, video cameras or other photographic/smart devices to take pictures or video at the pool must have permission from onsite staff before doing so.
  • The use of all technological devices is prohibited in washrooms, change rooms and locker rooms.

Bathing capacity

  • “Maximum bathing load” means the total number of persons permitted in a swimming pool or other water recreational facility at any one time.
  • Bathing loads are established by the Manitoba Public Health Act.
  • For the safety of all patrons the bathing load will be enforced by the Wading Pool Attendant.
  • If a person arrives on site and the wading pool is at capacity, they will be required to wait until space becomes available.

Rules for use

We recommend that children under 12 years of age be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Children should be closely supervised at all times and follow these rules:

  • Glass or food is not permitted on the spray pad.
  • Climbing on the spray features is not permitted.
  • People with a communicable disease or having open sores shall not use the spray pad.
  • Animals, including service animals, are not allowed on the spray pad as this is against Manitoba Health regulations.
  • Bicycles, skateboards, scooters and in-line skates are not permitted
  • No Smoking within 30 m (City of Winnipeg By-law no. 62/2011)
  • Water shoes are recommended
  • Do not drink from the spray features
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