Annual General Meeting (AGM) checklist

This checklist supports Business Improvement Zones in fulfilling obligations required under Sections 15(1) and 21(1) of the City of Winnipeg Business Improvement Procedures By-law No. 8111/2002.

In preparation for a board meeting:

  • Present draft program and budget for coming year for Board review
  • Confirm board membership (if required, send out Call for Nominations to membership)
  • Set the date for AGM & consider ' save the date' communication
  • Book AGM location
  • Complete the Audited Financial Statements and bring to the board for review and approval before presenting at the AGM


  1. If the Board Chair and existing Recording Secretary are unable to carry out their duties at the AGM, the board may appoint a Chair and Recording Secretary for the AGM. The secretary does not need to be a proprietor, director or employee of a member business.
  2. At a board meeting before the AGM, the board may make the following suggested motion(s):
    1. That (name) be appointed Chair for the AGM on (date)
    2. That (name) be appointed Recording Secretary for the AGM on (date)

  • Send Notice of AGM to membership as per Sections 13(1) and 13(2) of By-law No. 8111/2002:
    • 13(1) at least 15 days prior to a General Meeting, the board must provide notice to every member business of the date, time, location and agenda of the General Meeting. 13(2) Notice of the General Meeting may be hand delivered or sent by ordinary mail to the street address of the member businesses.
  • Set a deadline for filing of nomination papers with the BIZ
  • Share this deadline on AGM notice sent to membership
  • Include RSVP on AGM notice
  • Board meeting: present final program, budget and BIZ levy % for review & consideration
  • Board motion: board recommends the (applicable year) program/budget and levy to go to AGM
  • Notify board of proposed nominations

Reminder: The bylaw requires meeting notice be sent at least 15 days before the AGM.

As per Section 17(3) of By-law No. 8111/2002, the budget must be available if requested for review by member businesses.

  • Prepare package for members, including:
    • agenda
    • final copy of budget
    • treasurer’s report
    • audited statement
    • list of board nominees, if vote required
  • Prepare sign-in sheet
  • Confirm venue booking

  • Bring enough copies of AGM package for distribution
  • Sign-in sheet
  • Meeting supplies (pens, etc.)

Sections 21 (1)(a) – (e) of the Business Improvement Zone Procedures By-Law No. 8111/2002 require the following be submitted electronically by the end of the third week of January of the new year.

Email the following documents to:

Andrew Poitras
City Clerk’s Department

Send a copy to:

Martin Pasieczka
BIZ Liaison

  1. AGM notice
  2. Proposed BIZ budget for Council consideration (must use City budget template)
    1. If the BIZ used a different budget format approved at AGM, please include a copy
  3. Audited Financial Statement for the previous fiscal year, signed by two board members
  4. List of BIZ board members for the next fiscal year
  5. Description of the BIZ activities during the previous fiscal year

Other templates are available from the BIZ Liaison:

  • Sample AGM agenda
  • Sample board member nomination form
  • Sample board member matrix
  • Sample AGM sign-in sheet
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