Complete Communities Direction Strategy 2.0

The Complete Communities Direction Strategy 2.0 (CCDS 2.0) is our plan for a more vibrant city. We made sure it reflects what Winnipeggers and research told us, and it aligns with our sustainable development goals. The plan envisions Winnipeg having a lot of housing and jobs, different ways to get around, and lots of fun things to do.

Complete Communities is designed on an Urban Structure that describes its vision for land uses and development in Winnipeg's future.

By 2040, Winnipeg will grow by more than 160,000 people, add more than 83,000 new jobs, and include 82,000 new homes. To make sure we grow in the best way possible, Complete Communities promotes three key directions:

  • Setting a goal that at least 50 percent of all new homes will be built in existing parts of the city. We will do this by making infill development easier to build and desirable to live in.
  • Encouraging locating most homes and jobs next to  transit service so it is easier to get around without a vehicle.
  • Planning new neighbourhoods so we know what infrastructure is needed to support them, and when.

Complete Communities does a lot of other things too. It plans for a more vibrant downtown, protects industrial areas, and helps make sure every day needs are close by. And with a focus on implementation, Complete Communities is real and achievable.

How areas change

OurWinnipeg and Complete Communities’ Urban Structure Map describes areas for physical development and growth in Winnipeg today, and in the future. It recognizes what makes different parts of the city unique. While some areas provide places for people to live, others focus on places to work. Some are busy and exciting places, while others let one enjoy some peace and quiet.

The Urban Structure also describes how different places may change. In 20 years, some areas may look very different, while others will build off existing strengths. The Urban Structure establishes expectations for all Winnipeggers.

Paper copies

Paper copies of the plans can be found at Millennium Library, but can also be sent to other branches.

You can purchase paper copies (at cost) from:

Zoning & Permits Branch
Unit 31 - 30 Fort St. (Fort Garry Place)
Winnipeg, MB

Phone: 204-986-5140

311 counter
Accès–Access Saint-Boniface
170 Goulet St.
Winnipeg, MB

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