What you need to know about the Residential Parking Ban

After a significant snowfall, snow clearing on residential streets may be required. When this happens, we will issue a Residential Parking Ban.

"By restricting parking on the residential street, crews are able to more effectively clear the snow because there are no vehicles to maneuver around," said Michael Cantor, Manager of Streets Maintenance with the City of Winnipeg.

There are a few key things residents should be aware of in the event a Residential Parking Ban is put in place.

Know Your Zone

The residential streets in the City of Winnipeg are divided into zones named after letters in the alphabet. Zones are grouped together and then scheduled for clearing in 12 hour windows.

It is important residents know what zone they live in, work in, or are visiting.

You can find out what zone you live in on our website, downloading the Know Your Zone app, or by contacting 311.

Residents should confirm their zone every winter as it is possible some letters could change.

Know Your Zone App

The Know Your Zone mobile app gives Winnipeggers easy access for up-to-date information about the snow clearing operation. 

The app uses GPS capabilities on the smart phone to show what the snow zone associated to that location as well as the snow clearing schedule and colour coded maps.

If you save your addresses as favourites within the app you can receive push notification when a residential parking ban is declared for those locations.

You can also find out if a Residential Parking Ban has been called and the plowing schedule by checking our websitecontacting 311, signing up for email notifications as well as following the City’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Where To Park

When a Residential Parking Ban is in place, parking is restricted on residential streets for a 12 hour window. Residents are encouraged to find alternate parking arrangements during this time.

Vehicles parked in violation of the Residential Parking Ban may receive a $150 ticket. The ticket is reduced to $112.50 if paid early.

The vehicle may also be towed to a nearby street that is not scheduled to be plowed, or has already been cleared.

If The Street Wasn’t Cleared

If your residential street wasn’t plowed, please wait until the 12-hour window specified for your zone has passed before contacting 311 to report it. The easiest option to report a missed street is by completing this online form.

It is possible that your snow zone may need to be scheduled for more than a single 12-hour shift. This could occur when the snow clearing operation progress is delayed due to heavy accumulations of snow and ice or when plowing is required during extreme cold temperatures.

Please Be Careful

More than 300 large pieces of equipment are used to clear our streets during the winter. Motorists should slow down when encountering the trucks and heavy equipment and give them plenty of space as well as make sure to drive to the conditions.


Originally posted on January 8, 2019

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