Stolen Property and Drug Trafficking Investigation – Arrest: R24-29200

Released: July 9, 2024 at 1:08 p.m.

Stolen property and drug trafficking often intersect, as criminals may use stolen goods to fund or support their drug-related activities.

The illicit trade in stolen property and drugs can have detrimental effects on communities, including increased crime rates, economic losses for victims, and public safety concerns.

In June 2024, members of the Winnipeg Police Service Property Crime Unit (PCU), with the assistance of the Evidence Control Unit, became involved in an investigation regarding stolen property and drug trafficking.

As a result of the investigation, search warrants were executed on June 26, 2024, at a residence in the 800 block of William Avenue and a storage facility within the City of Winnipeg. The following items were located and seized by officers:

All Stolen Property: estimated at over $544,000

  • Over 90 bicycles (primarily high-end), bike parts, tires, scooters and motorbikes: value estimated over $90,000
  • John Deere riding mower: value $3,500
  • 18 high-end watches: value $18,000
  • Various other watches valued at approximately $3,000
  • Large assortment of jewelry: value estimated at $5,000
  • 1207 cell phones: value $241,400 ($200 average)
  • 83 laptops: value $8,300
  • 225 Tablets: value $101,250 ($450 average)
  • Camera lighting, drone equipment and footage: total value $36,500
  • Approx. 30 digital cameras and other electronics: value $4,500 ($150 average)
  • 15 new unique clothing items, including winter jackets, ski pants, and purses: value: $3,000
  • 75" TV in the box: value $2,000
  • Table saw still in box: value $500
  • Air conditioner still in box: value $200
  • 106 various tools not in boxes included but not limited to generators, larger tools, saws, and smaller power tools: value approx. $15,000
  • 4 flutes and 1 piccolo: value $12,000


  • Two long guns with sawn-off barrels and various pellet/airsoft guns
  • Small amounts of multiple types of ammunition

Illicit drugs: estimated at over $64,000

  • 711 grams of Methamphetamine
    Street Value of $45 per gram – total: $32,000
  • 173 Grams of Fentanyl with packaging
    Street value of $150 per gram - total: $25,950
  • 69.8 Grams of Cocaine with packaging
    Street value of $90 per gram – total: $6282

John Paul SCHOOLEY, 53, was arrested and charged with the following:

-  Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm x 2

-  Store Firearm or Restricted Weapon Contrary to Regulations x 2

- Trafficking in Stolen Property Over $5000

- Trafficking in Stolen Property Under $5000

-  Possession of a Loaded Prohibited or Restricted Firearm

-  Possession of Proceeds of Property Obtained by Crime Under $5000

-  Possession of a Scheduled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking – Cocaine

- Possession of a Scheduled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking – Methamphetamine

- Possession of a Scheduled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking – Fentanyl

- 3 outstanding warrants – Fail to attend Ident / Fail to attend Court / Possession of stolen x 2

SCHOOLEY has been detained in custody.

The Winnipeg Police Service encourages citizens to utilize the free bike registry with  529 Garage. Bike data registered with 529 Garage is accessible by jurisdictions worldwide, including the City of Winnipeg. The City will access users' contact information from 529 Garage when attempting to return recovered bikes.

It only takes a few seconds and is a valuable tool for property recovery.

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