Mayor Bowman to Introduce Motion Establishing Winnipeg's First Indigenous Accord

Released: March 15, 2017 at 8:35 a.m.

Winnipeg, MB - A motion introducing and calling for the establishment of Winnipeg's first Indigenous Accord will be tabled by Mayor Brian Bowman at today's Executive Policy Committee.

“The Year of Reconciliation last year was an important year for us as a city and a community,” said Mayor Brian Bowman.It marked the beginning of new conversations about the future as well as a commitment to make our community more inclusive. We need to continue our journey of reconciliation, and it is my hope the Indigenous Accord will provide the framework, focus, and partnership for Indigenous and non-Indigenous citizens from across our community to keep moving forward in our reconciliation journey.”

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada formulated 94 Calls to Action which identify a roadmap for reconciliation in Canada. If approved by EPC and Council, the Accord, developed by the Mayor’s Indigenous Advisory Circle in consultation and collaboration with numerous community leaders and organizations, would serve as a guide to the implementation of this work in Winnipeg.

“The Indigenous Accord will help bring partners together from across our community and is an important part of our journey of reconciliation,” said Kimberley Puhach, Chair of the Mayor’s Indigenous Advisory Circle (MIAC). “I am very pleased MIAC was able to lead this initiative with a spirit of shared responsibility, and want to thank my colleagues for all their work and commitment in helping prepare this Accord for Council’s consideration.”

“Reconciliation is key to a strong city and province,” said Loren Remillard, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission identifies important ways in which businesses can reconcile for the future and help rebuild relationships with Indigenous people. An Indigenous Accord will certainly help support and challenge both individuals and businesses to continue building and strengthening relationships in a way that furthers our community’s journey of reconciliation.”

Subject to EPC and Council’s approval of Winnipeg’s Indigenous Accord, as part of its journey of reconciliation, the City of Winnipeg will be inviting individuals, groups, and organizations to collaborate, formulate and execute action plans based on commitments and principles to advance reconciliation efforts with Indigenous Peoples by becoming signatories to the Accord.

The Accord will be a living document, not a single one-time event, but rather an ongoing responsibility adopted by signatories who report the success of the commitment and future goals annually. It will be the responsibility of signatories to share their goals and successes on an annual basis. There will not be a penalty or any kind of audit of their information.

The City of Winnipeg’s Indigenous Relations Division (IRD) will develop an annual process for organizations to set goals and share successes, and will also coordinate the process of tracking signatories’ goals and successes in an annual report.

“The Indigenous Accord is an invitation to all citizens of Winnipeg to continue our journey of reconciliation,” said Mayor Bowman. “Over time, it will give us all a tangible sense of the progress that’s being made, by many different people, in many different areas of our community. It will also illustrate the strength that comes from greater connection, awareness, empathy, and innovation.”

For more information about becoming a signatory to the Accord, please contact the City of Winnipeg’s Indigenous Relations Division:

For more information on the Mayor’s Indigenous Advisory Circle, please consult the MIAC webpage.

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