Winnipeg 150 Fitness Challenge!

We are offering free access to pools and recreation facilities during regular operating hours on June 1, 2024 to celebrate National Health & Fitness Day!

Visit the front desk of any pool or recreation facility on National Health & Fitness Day to pick up an activity tracker and join our Winnipeg 150 Fitness Challenge. Engage in 150 minutes per week of physical activity in June to celebrate Winnipeg 150 and enter to win a prize!

Download the Winnipeg 150 Fitness Challenge tracker (PDF, 297KB).

Check out our list of 150 activity ideas to get you started:

  1. Try an Active Living drop-in program
  2. Walk through Kildonan Park
  3. Check out the monkey trails at Assiniboine Park on your bike
  4. Go for a run at St. Vital Park
  5. Check out the Bois-des-Esprits trail and look for carvings in the trees
  6. Plan a day at Assiniboine Park Zoo with your friends/family
  7. Check out one of our free disc golf courses
  8. Explore the Forks loop and take in views of the Niimaamaa sculpture and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights
  9. Attend one of our indoor pool public swim times
  10. Make a splash at your local spray pad
  11. Enjoy the tropical horticulture offered at The Leaf
  12. Meet up with a friend for a round at a City of Winnipeg golf course 
  13. Try Pilates
  14. Bike or walk to your next visit to one of our recreation and leisure centres
  15. Indoor cycling or spin classes
  16. Jump rope
  17. Go wall climbing
  18. Do a fitness boot camp
  19. Play a pick-up game of basketball
  20. Go rollerblading
  21. Try out kayaking or canoeing
  22. Try a Tai Chi class
  23. Take a walk through the aisles of your local library branch
  24. Head to one of our pools and enjoy Free Swim!
  25. Walk around a new neighbourhood
  26. Play soccer
  27. Organize a game of flag football
  28. Play ultimate frisbee
  29. Have a water fight and cool off
  30. Plan a scavenger hunt in your neighbourhood
  31. Participate in community clean-up efforts
  32. Make a hopscotch grid on the sidewalk and invite friends and neighbours to play
  33. Learn a new dance move
  34. Try stand up paddle boarding
  35. Commute on wheels (skateboard, roller blade, scooter, bike, etc.)
  36. Take your dog to a City of Winnipeg off-leash park
  37. Start your day by stretching
  38. Learn how to round dance
  39. Get a group together for a game of tug-of-war
  40. Visit a Manitoba provincial park and explore nature
  41. Find a new hiking trail to explore
  42. Leave your desk and go for a walk
  43. Try CrossFit
  44. Go to a Zumba class
  45. Take part in the Historic Walking Tour downtown and learn about Winnipeg
  46. Check out a local tennis court and play with friends
  47. Visit Animal Services and take one of the dogs on a doggy date
  48. Try the rowing machine during your next workout
  49. Play badminton
  50. Play softball
  51. Organize a table tennis tournament
  52. Try martial arts
  53. Jump on a trampoline
  54. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  55. Try Pickleball
  56. Drop in to an aquasize class
  57. Set up an obstacle course for your family
  58. Try planking
  59. Try to master the hula hoop
  60. Try juggling
  61. Do an aerobic workout
  62. Go geocaching with a friend
  63. Take your meeting offline, and make it active!
  64. Try parkour
  65. Practice your handstand/cartwheel
  66. Park at the far end of the parking lot
  67. Go to a playground with your family
  68. Play a game of bocce ball
  69. Play a round of soccer baseball
  70. Go LARPing (Live Action Role-Playing) with friends to act out your favourite books, movies, or games
  71. Go bowling with your co-workers
  72. Take your High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) outdoors in nature
  73. Plan a cycling tour
  74. Mow your lawn and your neighbours too!
  75. Try out a unicycle
  76. Try out some bodyweight exercises
  77. Play Spikeball with your neighbours
  78. Join a walking group
  79. Do some jumping jacks at your desk
  80. Hit the trails and try "trail running"
  81. Set up an agility ladder and perform ladder drills
  82. Go mall walking
  83. Try boxing
  84. Play an interactive video game that requires physical movement
  85. Engage in a home improvement task like painting
  86. Swim laps
  87. Try chair yoga and perform yoga poses while seated in a chair for gentle stretching
  88. Play a game of volleyball
  89. Try four square at the playground
  90. Play dodgeball
  91. Wash your car yourself
  92. Walk to your co-workers office instead of sending an email
  93. Try synchronized swimming
  94. Plan a ladder ball tournament with friends
  95. Try "goalball", a sport designed for athletes with visual impairments
  96. Play horseshoes
  97. Take a mindful walk and pay attention to your surroundings
  98. Try balloon volleyball, a fun game that can be played sitting
  99. Visit a trampoline park with family and friends
  100. Try line dancing
  101. Go to Pan Am Pool and use the diving boards
  102. Try kickboxing
  103. Rent a sports kit from our Equipment Rentals Program
  104. Play grounders at the play structure
  105. Try hydrotherapy where you use water exercises to rehabilitate injuries and improve mobility
  106. Clean your house - vacuum, dust, and scrub your floors
  107. Go urban poling
  108. Work on your swing at a driving range
  109. Try water polo
  110. Try in-line skating
  111. Try rugby
  112. Lift weights
  113. Play lacrosse
  114. Play cricket at Assiniboine Park
  115. Try long jumping
  116. Start a step challenge on your smart watch
  117. Try archery
  118. Try shotput and see how far you can throw a ball
  119. Visit the Living Prairie Museum and learn more about native grasses and wildflowers while walking the trails
  120. Walk to the grocery store
  121. Walk to your mailbox
  122. Try the elliptical next time you are at the gym
  123. Fly a kite
  124. Visit a skate park
  125. Bike to work during Bike Week (June 9-15)
  126. Take your dog for a walk
  127. Try hot yoga
  128. Play catch
  129. Go for a family bike ride
  130. Try a kettlebell workout
  131. Go rucking
  132. Try a barre class
  133. Take a self-defense class
  134. Have a dance party in your kitchen
  135. Do an ab workout 
  136. Do some gardening or landscaping
  137. Train for a fun run or marathon
  138. Play street hockey
  139. Throw a frisbee
  140. Practice kicking a soccer ball
  141. Use a Skip-It
  142. Go mini golfing
  143. Go power walking
  144. Do some push-ups
  145. Try the stair climber machine
  146. Join us for a free Senior Walk, Run, Chat at Peguis Trail Health & Fitness Centre
  147. Try Reformer Pilates
  148. Try a Bosu Ball workout
  149. Walk to your local coffee shop
  150. Walk to drop off/pick up the kids instead of driving
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