Mandate Letter Provided to Winnipeg's First Citizen Chair of the Winnipeg Police Board

Released: April 28, 2017 at 10:25 a.m.

Winnipeg, MB - A mandate letter has been provided to Mr. David Asper, the first citizen appointed Chair of the Winnipeg Police Board, and is now publicly available Mayor Brian Bowman announced today.

“I am very pleased Mr. Asper accepted the challenging and demanding leadership role of chairing the Winnipeg Police Board,” said Mayor Bowman. “And I want to thank Council for supporting his appointment at this week’s Council meeting.”

Earlier in the week, City Council voted 15-1 in favour of appointing Mr. Asper as the new Chair of the Winnipeg Police Board. Also appointed to the Board was Mr. Brian Scharfstein.

Mandate letters provide direction on key responsibilities and outline expectations of those serving in various leadership roles. Mandate letters for the chairperson for each of Council’s six standing policy committees, as well as for Councillors serving as Deputy Mayor and Acting Deputy Mayor, have been in place since November 2016.

“Mandate letters are an effective way to publicly outline expectations of those serving in leadership roles, as well as provide them with the direction necessary to fulfill their responsibilities,” said Mayor Bowman. “I have met with Mr. Asper, have outlined my expectations of him as my designate as Chair of the Winnipeg Police Board, and have provided him with his mandate letter.”

As the first citizen Chair to be appointed to the Board, Mayor Bowman stressed the importance of being accessible to the community, particularly to all members of City Council.

“As an important leadership role the community, the Chair of the Police Board needs to be a key liaison between the community and the Board, and also needs to be professional and conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with a standard reflective of this position’s role in our community,” said Mayor Bowman.

Mayor Bowman also outlined his expectation that the Chair work collaboratively with the Winnipeg Police Service and other Winnipeg Police Board members to align budgetary and other fiscal priorities with the existing Winnipeg Police Board’s strategic plan.

Mr. Asper’s mandate letter is now publicly available in an open and transparent manner on Mayor Bowman’s website together with the mandate letters introduced in November 2016.

The Winnipeg Police Board was established by City of Winnipeg By-Law 148/2012, in accordance with the Province of Manitoba’s Police Services Act, which was enacted in 2009.

The legislated mandate of the Winnipeg Police Board is to provide civilian governance respecting the enforcement of law, the maintenance of the public peace and the prevention of crime in the City of Winnipeg, and to provide the administrative direction and organization required to provide an adequate and effective police service in the City.

The Winnipeg Police Board is comprised of a maximum of seven members including two appointments made by the Province of Manitoba, and five appointments, including the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board, appointed by City Council.

Current members of the Winnipeg Police Board include Mr. David Asper (Chair), Mr. Barry Tuckett (Vice-Chair), Councillor Ross Eadie, Ms. Mary Jane Loustel, Mr. Larry Licharson, Ms. Alicja Szarkiewicz, and Mr. Brian Scharfstein.

Mr. Asper’s mandate letter and other mandate letters are available and can be accessed on the Mayor’s website at:

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