Campaign signage

To report signage infractions, contact 311

General regulations

Campaign signs on public property are regulated under the Neighbourhood Liveability By-law No. 1/2008, Part 4 and The Winnipeg Zoning By-law No. 200/2006, Section 182(1).

A campaign sign means any sign used to promote a candidate, but does not include identification signs reading "(name of candidate) campaign headquarters" or "(name) constituency (or other electoral area) office."

In accordance with Section 62 of the Neighbourhood Liveability By-law, campaign signs cannot be erected prior to Thursday, April 18, 2024, and shall be removed by Thursday, June 13, 2024.

The Neighbourhood Liveability By-law stipulates that a person must not place a sign within a street if it:

  • is a hazard or obstruction to vehicular or pedestrian traffic;
  • is attached to or obstructing a directional sign, a traffic control device or a sign erected, placed or authorized by the City of Winnipeg, the Province of Manitoba or the Government of Canada, including the post or standard supporting the sign or traffic control device;
  • causes damage to property, including trees or a structure within a street;
  • is located within a median or traffic island;
  • is attached to a pole, wall or other structure by something other than clear adhesive tape;

All campaign signage must display on its face, the name and telephone number of the person responsible for placing the sign or causing it to be placed, and the date the sign was placed.

Any and all signage not in compliance with The Neighbourhood Liveability By-law will be subject to removal, and will be destroyed.

Campaign signage cannot be placed within any street which is identified in Schedule “A" of the Neighbourhood Liveability By-law.

The Neighbourhood Liveability By-law further stipulates that a person must not place a sign within any street which is not identified on Schedule “A" if the sign:

  • is within 30 metres of an intersection, measured from the nearest curb of the intersection;
  • is within 30 metres of a turning lane, deceleration or acceleration lane or traffic storage lane;
  • is within 2 metres of a curb or the edge of a roadway;
  • is within 0.5 metres of a sidewalk;
  • is within 5.0 metres of a private access;
  • is permanently affixed;
  • is supported by string, rope, wire or metal stakes;
  • is a mobile sign;
  • is greater than 0.6 square metres in size;
  • is higher than 1 metre, measured from the existing grade to the top of the sign;
  • has more than 2 faces per sign;
  • is illuminated, electrified, spins or rotates;
  • could be reasonably mistaken for a street sign or a traffic control device;

Failure to comply with the by-laws may result in removal and destruction of signs.

The enforcement of street signage infractions falls under the jurisdiction of the Public Works Department (Streets Constables) as per the Neighbourhood Liveability By-law.

To report signage infractions, contact 311

Signage around voting locations

During voting hours, a sign or poster referring to the election of a candidate within 50 metres of a voting place, on both public and private property, is prohibited and will be removed and destroyed.

Schedule “A” of the Neighbourhood Liveability By-law – streets on which temporary signs are prohibited

Abinojii MikanahBetween Kenaston Boulevard and Lagimodiere Boulevard
Bison DriveBetween Waverley Street and Pembina Highway
Brookside BoulevardEntire length
Oak Point HighwayEntire length
King Edward StreetEntire length
Century StreetEntire length
St. James BridgeEntire length
Kenaston Boulevard (ROUTE 90)Between Inkster Boulevard and Abinojii Mikanah
Chief Peguis TrailBetween Main Street and Lagimodiere Boulevard
Donald Street and Midtown BridgeBetween Red River and Osborne Street
Dunkirk Drive and St. Vital BridgeBetween Red River and Fermor Avenue
Fermor AvenueBetween Dunkirk Drive and Plessis Road
Henderson HighwayBetween Red River and Glenway Avenue
Lagimodiere BoulevardBetween Prairie Grove Road and North City Limit
Moray StreetBetween the north bank of the Assiniboine River and Portage Avenue
Osborne Street and Osborne BridgeBetween Assiniboine River and St. Vital Bridge
Pembina HighwayBetween Osborne Street and South City Limit
Portage AvenueBetween Spence Street and St. Charles Street
St. James StreetBetween Portage Avenue and Wellington Avenue
Waverley StreetBetween Taylor Avenue and Bison Drive
Wellington AvenueBetween James A. Richardson International Airport and St. James Street
Grant AvenueBetween Shaftesbury Boulevard and Roblin Boulevard
Main StreetBetween Logan Avenue and North City Limit
St. Anne’s RoadBetween Fermor Avenue and St Mary’s Road
St. Mary’s RoadBetween St. Anne’s Road and Queen Elizabeth Way
Corydon Avenue/Roblin BoulevardBetween Shaftesbury Boulevard and West City Limit
Boulevard ProvencherEntire length
William R. Clement ParkwayEntire length
Wilkes AvenueBetween Provincial Trunk Highway 100 and Shaftesbury Boulevard
Sterling Lyon ParkwayBetween Shaftesbury Boulevard and Victor Lewis Drive
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