Participate in a Council or Committee meeting

Members of the public can participate in Council and Committee meetings by submitting their comments in writing, or by appearing in delegation.

All meetings can be streamed live on the City’s YouTube channel. Following the meeting, the Committee Minute / Disposition documents are published on the City Clerk’s Decision Making Information System (DMIS).

Submit your comments in writing

Anyone who wishes to  submit their comments to Council or a committee of council may do so using the public submission form. All submissions must be received prior to noon (12 p.m.) the business day before the meeting. For meetings on Mondays, submissions must be received before noon on the Friday before the meeting. Submissions will be circulated to all committee members, and will become part of the public record and published in the meeting agenda and minutes.

All meeting agendas and minutes for Council and its Committees are published on DMIS.

Register as a delegation 

To register as a delegation for an upcoming meeting, you must complete the public registration form by noon (12 p.m.) the business day before the meeting. For meetings on Mondays, registrations must be received before noon on the Friday before the meeting.

You will be asked to identify which committee and agenda item you wish to speak to. Agendas can be found on DMIS.

If you are registering as a delegation for a meeting of Council, you will also be required to indicate whether you are in support or in opposition to the item you are speaking to. Delegations before Council are limited to two in support of the matter and two in opposition. In each case, the first speaker is allowed a maximum of ten minutes, the second speaker may speak for a maximum of five.

Delegate guidelines

Once you complete the online registration form, City Clerk’s staff will reach out with the information needed to participate in the meeting.

All delegations must maintain order and decorum and are not permitted to display signs or placards, to applaud participants in debate or to engage in conversation or any other behaviour which may disrupt the meeting.

Comments that are disrespectful or do not contain required information may not be included on the public record.

Members of the public are not permitted to speak on regular agenda matters that were the subject a public hearing or matters that are part of court proceedings in which the City is involved. Delegations speaking to an award of a contract may only speak to the criteria of the Invitation to Tender.

In-person delegations

All meetings of Council and its committees take place in the Council Building at 510 Main Street. Delegations should be present at the start of the meeting and remain in the gallery until their name is called.

Remote delegations

Remote participation is made possible using Zoom. You will be provided with the information to join the meeting after you’ve completed your online registration.

All remote delegations are should be in the Zoom waiting room before the meeting has started. Please remain in the Zoom meeting until your name is called.

French delegations

If you would like to appear as a delegate in French, a written request must be submitted to the City Clerks Department at least two business days prior to the meeting. The request must outline the the meeting you are attending and the item you are speaking to.


If you have any questions concerning the delegation process, please contact the City Clerk’s Department by email at

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