Committees of Council

Under its Procedure By-law No. 50/2007, Council establishes, prior to January 1st of each year, a yearly Schedule of Meetings for Council and its Standing Committees and the prorogued period. Meetings of Council, Executive Policy and Standing Committees are usually prorogued during the month of August, except in an election year, wherein the prorogued period is October.

Council member appointments

PositionElected official
Deputy MayorCouncillor Lukes
Acting Deputy MayorCouncillor Chambers
SpeakerCouncillor Sharma
Deputy SpeakerCouncillor Eadie
Chairperson, Winnipeg Housing Steering CommitteeCouncillor Gilroy
Councillor Responsible for Assiniboine Park ConservancyCouncillor Duncan and Councillor Mayes
Council Representative for the Mayor’s Indigenous Advisory CouncilCouncillor Eadie
Council Liaison for Labour RelationsCouncillor Orlikow
Council Liaison for School Board and Youth OpportunitiesCouncillor Santos
Council Liaison – Veteran and Military AffairsCouncillor Dobson
North American Strategy for Competitiveness (NASCO)Councillor Wyatt
UN Women Safe Cities Global Initiative Steering CommitteeCouncillor Gilroy
Winnipeg Metropolitan Region Board of DirectorsMayor Gillingham and Councillor Rollins
Chairperson for the Winnipeg Police BoardCouncillor Chambers
Performance Management Sub-CommitteeCouncillor Duncan, Councillor Lukes, Councillor Mayes and Councillor Sharma

Standing Committees

Section 63(1) of The City of Winnipeg Charter gives Council the discretion to establish standing committees of council and determine their respective duties and powers.

Under the City’s Organization By-law, council has established six Standing Committees:

  • The Standing Policy Committee on Community Services
  • The Standing Policy Committee on Finance and Economic Development
  • The Standing Policy Committee on Property and Development
  • The Standing Policy Committee on Public Works
  • The Standing Policy Committee on Water, Waste and Environment

Standing Committee Members

Executive Policy Committee and Standing Policy Committee Members for the Council Year November 1, 2022 to October 31, 2023

  • His Worship Mayor Gillingham, Chairperson
  • Councillor Browaty
  • Councillor Duncan
  • Councillor Lukes
  • Councillor Mayes
  • Councillor Rollins

  • Councillor Browaty, Chairperson
  • Councillor Lukes, Deputy Mayor
  • Councillor Rollins
  • Councillor Schreyer
  • His Worship Mayor Gillingham (ex officio)

  • Councillor Lukes, Chairperson
  • Councillor Chambers
  • Councillor Sharma
  • Councillor Wyatt
  • His Worship Mayor Gillingham (ex officio)

  • Councillor Rollins, Chairperson
  • Councillor Allard
  • Councillor Dobson
  • Councillor Duncan
  • His Worship Mayor Gillingham (ex officio)

  • Councillor Duncan, Chairperson
  • Councillor Wyatt
  • Councillor Eadie
  • His Worship Mayor Gillingham (ex officio)

  • Councillor Mayes, Chairperson
  • Councillor Gilroy
  • Councillor Santos
  • Councillor Eadie
  • His Worship Mayor Gillingham (ex officio)

Community Committees

In addition to Standing Committees there are five Community Committees:

  • Assiniboia Community Committee
  • City Centre Community Committee
  • East Kildonan-Transcona Community Committee
  • Lord Selkirk-West Kildonan Community Committee
  • Riel Community Committee

There is no statutory requirement in The City of Winnipeg Charter for Community Committees, but Council has elected to continue the Community Committee operation and structure as described in the City’s Organization By-law No. 7100/97.

Each of the 15 Councillors represents a ward within the City of Winnipeg, with three wards comprising a Community Committee.

Community Committee Members

For the Council Term 2022-2026

CouncillorCommunity/WardPhone number
Evan Duncan Charleswood – Tuxedo – Westwood Ward 204-986-5232
Shawn DobsonSt. James Ward 204-986-5848 
Janice LukesWaverley West Ward204-986-6824

CouncillorCommunity/WardPhone number
Cindy GilroyDaniel McIntyre Ward204-986-5951
John OrlikowRiver Heights – Fort Garry Ward204-986-5236
Sherri RollinsFort Rouge – East Fort Garry Ward204-986-5878

CouncillorCommunity/WardPhone number
Jason SchreyerElmwood- East Kildonan Ward204-986-5195
Jeff BrowatyNorth Kildonan Ward204-986-5196
Russ WyattTranscona Ward204-986-8087

CouncillorCommunity/WardPhone number
Ross EadieMynarski Ward204-986-5188
Devi SharmaOld Kildonan Ward204-986-5264
Vivian SantosPoint Douglas Ward204-986-8401

CouncillorCommunity/WardPhone number
Matt AllardSt. Boniface Ward204-986-5206
Markus ChambersSt. Norbert – Seine River Ward204-986-5920
Brian MayesSt. Vital Ward204-986-5088
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