Climate Action and Resilience Committee

Advisory committee


The Climate Action and Resilience Committee (CARC) is the committee of members of the community to advise Council on climate change issues.

The Committee’s function is to:

  • Advise the Mayor and Council on climate change issues
  • Engage community to help shape implementation and updates to the Winnipeg Climate Action Plan
  • Support the work of the community in advancing climate action. As per the Winnipeg Climate Action Plan, this will include advising on funding opportunities, providing technical expertise, and facilitating organization/industry/government linkages to encourage multi-sector and strategic approaches to advance climate action
  • Submit to the Standing Policy Committee on Water, Waste and Environment:
    • An annual report, which includes a review of work done over the previous year by the Committee and updates on the progress of City departments in implementing Climate Action and Resilience Committee recommendations
    • An annual workplan for approval by the Standing Policy Committee on Water, Waste and Environment, which includes proposed committee activities and action items; and
    • An operating budget detailing projected expenditures and revenue sources for the upcoming calendar year, for approval by the Standing Policy Committee on Water, Waste and Environment and Council.


Elected Officials

  • Councillor Mayes

Citizen Members

Appointed for a 1-year term expiring December 31, 2024:

  • Casey Clair
  • Darcy Granove
  • Josep Seras-Gubert

Appointed for a 2-year term expiring December 31, 2025:

  • Donald Hester
  • Lisa Richards
  • Laura Tyler


Item 3 of the Report of the Standing Policy Committee on Water and Waste, Riverbank Management and the Environment dated September 9, 2022, adopted by Council on September 22, 2022


Maximum of 8 members

  • 1 member of City Council to serve as Chairperson
  • The CAO (or designate) to serve as Vice-Chairperson
  • 6 citizen members who together can demonstrate experience with climate change issues in research, energy, transportation, green buildings, land use, waste management, food security and sustainability or sustainable development goals.

Additional reference

Amendment to the process for nominations approved by Council on July 13, 2023.


Laura Rempel
Sustainability Planner, Office of Sustainability



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