Bella, Charlie & Luna most popular Winnipeg dog and cat names

Residents are reminded to license their pets to help protect them in case they get lost

Dog and cat surrounded by plants
The domestic short hair cat was the most popular cat breed in Winnipeg in 2022. The Golden Retriever was the third most popular dog breed.

It’s a tie for the top dog of dog names in 2022. Bella and Charlie were the most popular dogs name in Winnipeg, with 616 pooches licensed with each of the names. The next most popular name was Luna, with 519.

The same three names are also the most common for cats, just in a different order. Luna tops the feline list with 306 licenses issued, followed by Charlie (167) and Bella (161).

As for the most popular breeds, the Labrador Retriever is the most common in Winnipeg with 6,401 of that type of pooch registered. No one particular cat breed tops the list, instead there are 21,906 domestic short hair cats registered in the city.

Top dog names

  1. Bella (616)
  2. Charlie (616)
  3. Luna (519)
  4. Molly (428)
  5. Bailey (417)
  6. Daisy (393)
  7. Max (389)
  8. Lucy (380)
  9. Cooper (329)
  10. Buddy (314)

Top dog breeds

  1. Labrador Retriever (6,401)
  2. German Shepherd (5,336)
  3. Golden Retriever (3,483)
  4. Shih Tzu (2,767)
  5. Siberian Husky (2,526)
  6. Border Collie (1,743)
  7. Chihuahua (1,705)
  8. Yorkshire Terrier (1,281)
  9. Pomeranian (1,163)
  10. Terrier (1,129)

Top cat names

  1. Luna (306)
  2. Charlie (167)
  3. Bella (161)
  4. Max (149)
  5. Lucy (145)
  6. Milo (144)
  7. Lily (136)
  8. Oreo (133)
  9. Buddy (132)
  10. Smokey (132)

Top cat breeds

  1. Domestic short hair (21,906)
  2. Domestic medium hair (3,451)
  3. Domestic long hair (1,539)
  4. Siamese (828)
  5. American short hair (640)
  6. Ragdoll (233)
  7. Maine Coon (227)
  8. Russian Blue (124)
  9. Himalayan (116)
  10. Persian (9)

The list is based on Winnipeg Animal Services Agency pet license data.

Winnipeg pet owners are required to have their dog or cat licensed or they could be fined under the Responsible Pet Ownership By-law.

“Licensing will help protect your pet in the event your cat or dog gets lost,” said Leland Gordon, General Manager of Winnipeg Animal Services Agency.

If someone finds a cat or dog with a license they should contact 311. We will then be able to arrange to have the pet returned to its registered owner.

You can license your dog or cat by contacting 311, through the Animal Services Agency website, or visiting the agency in person.

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