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Diapers creating significant problem at Winnipeg’s recycling facility

Diapers cannot be recycled and should go in the garbage

January 25, 2019

Diapers have become a significant problem at Winnipeg’s recycling sorting facility.

On any given week between 1,000 and 4,000 diapers are being discovered by crews sorting the recycling by hand.

“Diapers cannot go in the recycling, whatsoever,” said Mark Kinsley, Manager of Waste Diversion.

The problem has been ongoing for several months and Kinsley believes the diapers are coming from all areas of Winnipeg.

“Because there are so many of them, they are probably coming from all different sources of our recycling program, from curbside carts to multifamily buildings, and even our depots,” said Kinsley.

On top of causing issues with the sorting machines, diapers have to be removed by hand. This is creating an unhygienic situation for employees.

“The people who work here and sort the material have to physically handle these diapers,” Kinsley said. “So that is causing them to have health risk, it’s unsanitary, and no one wants to get sick at their job.”

He is recommending people become familiar with what is accepted in Winnipeg’s recycling program.

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