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Winnipeg Police Service

The CrimeStat website is an online resource that provides timely statistical information relating to crime in Winnipeg.

The data provided is gathered from the records management system (RMS) used by the Winnipeg Police Service. When a crime is reported, the details are entered into the Winnipeg Police Service RMS and given an occurrence number (police report number). Each reported crime is filed by the type of occurrence as outlined on the statistical pages provided on this website.

A Collaborative Approach to Crime Prevention & Awareness

CrimeStat is a component of the City's Neighbourhood Safety and Crime Prevention strategy approved by Council in July, 2006. CrimeStat is an approach that combines with the Street Crime Unit, Crime Analysis Unit, and all other Winnipeg Police Service Patrol and Investigative resources to enhance and build upon the strategies and tactics already being used by police.

CrimeStat is based on the belief that proactive and planned police action can have lasting effects on crime and neighbourhood safety. The philosophy is built on four principles:

  1. The gathering and dissemination of accurate and timely information
  2. Rapid deployment of resources
  3. Effective tactics
  4. Relentless follow-up and assessment

CrimeStat is similar in many ways to the CompStat model of crime reduction which has been highly effective in cities throughout the United States, including Minneapolis, Washington and New York, and at least one city in Canada (Vancouver). While each jurisdiction's version of CompStat-type crime management may differ slightly, all are based on the four principles listed above.

The first principle of the CrimeStat philosophy promotes accountability and transparency. The statistics updated weekly on this Website reflect our commitment to providing up-to-date information, and acting on crime trends identified in the analysis of that information.

The statistics are a summary of information gathered directly from the Winnipeg Police Service Records Management System (RMS) by our Crime Analysis Unit. Please see the sections under the banner “About CrimeStat” for important information on interpreting and using the data.

The Crime Analysis Unit's other role is to provide detailed information and analysis which is used in weekly Uniform Patrol Division Commander meetings. Commanders discuss crime occurrences at these meetings, and working together, develop strategies for rapid response plans and effective tactics to bring about permanent change.

CrimeStat also provides accountability, in two ways. Firstly, the provision of statistics on crime reflects openness and accountability, by showing where crime is occurring in our City. Secondly, Commanders' meetings will be the forum where emerging crime trends are discussed and Commanders work collectively to develop strategies that their members will use in making plans for quick deployment and effective tactics to solve those crime problems. Reduction of crime is the goal, and citizens will be able to monitor changes in crime trends over time.

But CrimeStat doesn't end there. Ongoing assessment and follow-up in subsequent, bi-weekly meetings with the Executive Management Team will review updated data and gauge whether actions have had the desired outcomes of reducing and preventing crime. If more action is needed on a particular problem, adjustments are recommended and additional resources may be called in from other areas to assist in solving the problem, and not just shifting it to another area.

In addition, CrimeStat is a link to crime prevention resources. The Winnipeg Police Service provides a wealth of information about crime prevention programs through its Website. By being well informed on crime prevention initiatives that citizens can put in place themselves, we can all play important roles in crime prevention and reduction.

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