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Old Jail Cell

Probably the most popular display with the children that visit the museum is the old jail cell.

This cell is part of a cell-block that was built in the North End Station on Charles Street at Magnus Avenue in 1911. It was also known as "E" Division by the police officers.

A new police headquarters had been built in 1908 on Rupert Avenue just east of Main Street and there was also a need for extra police sub-stations. The city intended to build four but ended up only building two in 1911; "E" Division in the North End and "B" Division in Fort Rouge on Jessie Avenue at Nassau Street. These sub-stations were closed in 1966 after the opening of the Public Safety Building at 151 Princess St.

The cell is only 6 feet by 6 feet and is constructed of steel. There are bunks for two prisoners. The cell has an open toilet and a sink with only a cold water tap. There was a small hole in the ceiling and a light bulb that is protected by a heavy screen. The door is made of heavy steel bars that slide on a track to lock the door. There were three cell-blocks in each sub-division with eleven cells. These are the only original cells left from the early police stations.


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