Update #4: City of Winnipeg response to snowfall

Released: October 13, 2019 at 5:16 p.m.
Crews clearing and removing downed trees and fallen branches throughout the city, prioritizing response based on life safety hazards

Winnipeg, MB – Crews continue to clear and remove downed trees and fallen branches city-wide, focusing efforts on priority locations where branches or trees are blocking streets. The City is employing contractors to assist in the efforts. It’s anticipated that the clean-up effort will take a number of weeks or more.

It’s estimated that approximately 30,000 City-owned trees were impacted by the recent snowstorm. While all areas of the city were impacted, core areas and mature neighbourhoods have a higher risk level due to the size of the trees.

Residents are reminded to be mindful of crews working on roadways. If a tree is blocking a roadway, or if crews are on a roadway working, please refrain from driving through the site and do not drive around them on medians or boulevards.

Residents are also asked to not park adjacent to failed trees and large limbs on the road that are still attached to the tree so that crews can access them.

Residents are advised that if a tree is in contact with a power line, to call 911 immediately. If a tree is blocking a public right-of-way including a road or sidewalk, but isn’t touching a power line, residents are advised to call 311. If a tree on public property has fallen, but not touching a power line or blocking the road, contact 311 online.

It’s important that residents provide as much accurate detail as possible when providing information so that service requests are properly triaged. Once a request has been made, it is logged. We are asking residents to only make one request per location – please do not contact us for a follow-up, the location has been logged and we will get to the location as soon as possible.

Privately Owned Trees
Fallen trees or branches that have failed on private property are the responsibility of the property owner to clean up. However, residents are advised to contact 911 if the tree is in contact with a power line.

Residents are reminded to exercise extreme caution if addressing fallen trees or branches that have fallen on private property.

Do not leave fallen trees or branches from private property on the public boulevard. Instead, residents are advised to bring tree and branch debris to the Brady Road Resource Management Facility or to one of the City’s 4R Winnipeg Depots to dispose of them free of charge during operating hours. These facilities will be open on the holiday Monday.

Moving Firewood
The Forest Health Protection Act and Regulations prohibit the storage of elm wood for any purpose. The restriction on the storage of elm wood is necessary as the elm bark beetle uses intact wood as a site to lay eggs and develop a new generation of elm bark beetles. For more information, see: City of Winnipeg – Dutch Elm Disease.

Residents are advised to dispose of ash trees directly to the Brady Road Resource Management Facility or to one of the City’s 4R Winnipeg Depots. No ash tree material is to be transported outside city limits in accordance with federal regulation related to emerald ash borer. For more information, see: City of Winnipeg – Emerald Ash Borer.

311 Call Volumes
To date, the city has received nearly 2,000 calls to 311 about fallen trees and branches. The City’s 311 call centre is experiencing higher than normal call volumes.

We greatly appreciate callers’ patience as 311 works on responding to all calls for service, and ask that if your issue is non-urgent please email 311@winnipeg.ca or tweet @cityofwinnipeg. Your request will still be prioritized and dealt with through email and Twitter.

Snow Clearing Update
Crews continue to plow sidewalks on regional streets, collector streets, and bus routes, and are addressing trouble spots throughout the city. Crews are monitoring main streets and will salt where needed to improve traction on roadways.

Snow clearing and salting operations are undertaken in accordance with the Council-approved Snow Clearing and Ice Control Policy.

Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Updates
Response times are being monitored and additional resources will be placed on duty if necessary. WFPS continues to work collaboratively with Manitoba Hydro to answer any power and utility line calls.

Residents can assist in keeping their families safe by reviewing winter safety tips and emergency preparedness tips at City of Winnipeg - EmergWeb.

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