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City of Winnipeg
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News Releases

2001 News Releases

City of Winnipeg Launch of a New Corporate Image Information Sheet

WINNIPEG - January 18, 2001 - Why has the City of Winnipeg developed a new corporate image and positioning line?

The new Winnipeg Logo captures the spirit, energy and diversity of our City. 

It is a unique symbol of our City that represents the spirit of Winnipeg and its people.

We're proud of our City and we need a symbol that reflects that pride and our faith in the future.

Who is allowed to use this image?  /   Where will it be used?

The new logo will be used as the symbol of our City and will be used by all City of Winnipeg Departments on everything from letterhead to the markings on trucks.

As well, we hope that the symbol becomes synonymous with Winnipeg as a whole and is adopted for use in some form by groups like Tourism Winnipeg, Economic Development Winnipeg, and Arts and Cultural groups.  

Won't this cost a lot of money?

Not really.

The use of the new logo will be phased in over time and will be absorbed in the regular operations of City Departments as old materials are replaced with the new look. 

How much has it cost to date?

The initial production cost of the new logo is less than $30,000. The mayor funded a good portion of the cost of the new logo from his promotional budget and no new dollars were needed to provide the City with this new logo. 

What happens to the City Crest?

The coat of arms remains the official symbol of the City of Winnipeg and will continue to be used on official documents. In the same way as the province and Federal Governments have their logos and official Coats of Arms. 

What happens to the official City Flag?

The current flag with its crest will remain in place as an official representation of the City of Winnipeg for ceremonial and official purposes. The new logo will be placed on banners and flags for promotional purposes. 

Will this change the official colors of the City of Winnipeg?

The City of Winnipeg has never formally adopted any official colors. Of course the blue and gold represented on our official flag has long been associated with the City of Winnipeg and will continue to be used. In fact, blue and gold continue to be used prominently in the new logo as part of an overall palette of exciting color. 

Will all City Departments be using the same logo? What happens to the individual logos that they have been using?

With two exceptions, all City of Winnipeg Departments will begin to use only the new logo. The Emergency Response and Police Services will continue to use separate Coats of Arms within their letterhead and other identifications. These symbols will be used in conjunction with the new logo. These two Departments have long and honorable traditions associated with their identifying symbols.

Last update: 01.02.2004

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