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City of Winnipeg
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Recycling depots

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Community recycling depots

Community recycling depots accept the same materials as our curbside recycling program, and are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Community recycling depot locations:

  • St. James Civic Centre
    2055 Ness Avenue at Guildford Street
  • Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre
    430 Langside Street
  • Pan Am Depot
    Taylor Avenue at Poseidon Bay
  • 1539 Waverley Street
    At Chevrier Boulevard

4R Winnipeg Depots

4R Winnipeg Depots are larger and accept more materials than the community recycling depots.

You can drop off any material that is accepted in our curbside recycling program at a 4R Winnipeg Depot during regular operating hours.

Visit our 4R Winnipeg Depot page for more information, including locations, hours of operation and a full list of materials accepted at the 4R Winnipeg Depots.

Recycling depot accepted materials

You can drop off the same materials that are accepted in our curbside recycling program. Please make sure that all containers are empty.

Plastic containers

  • plastic food and beverage containers (bottles, jars, jugs, tubs)
  • rigid plastic packaging (remove paper inserts)


  • newspaper, flyers, mail, magazines, paper
  • shredded paper in a clear plastic bag (this is the only exception to the "no plastic bags" rule)

Metal containers

  • metal food and beverage containers (cans, tins)


  • boxes, cartons (pizza boxes, cereal boxes, milk cartons)
  • cardboard egg cartons
  • paper towel/toilet paper tubes

Glass containers

  • glass food and beverage containers (jars, bottles, jugs)
You CANNOT drop off these items at the recycling depots:


  • plastic bags, plastic wrap, cellophane
  • black plastic items
  • plastics that are not a container (e.g., laundry baskets, toys, plastic cutlery)
  • hoses
  • toys
  • diapers

Construction materials

  • wood, hardware, stone
  • cords, wire


  • aluminum foil, foil pie plates, foil food containers
  • steel pots and pans
  • scrap metal


  • clothes, bedding
  • shoes


  • mirrors, window glass, broken glass
  • drinking glasses
  • light bulbs
  • ceramics, cookware

Organic materials

  • food
  • yard waste


  • disposable coffee cups
  • gift wrap
  • paper towels, tissue
  • fast food containers

Hazardous waste

  • aerosol cans
  • propane tanks
  • containers that contained hazardous materials (household cleaners, chemicals)
  • batteries


  • foam cups, foam food containers, foam egg cartons, foam meat trays
  • foam packing materials, packing peanuts

Many of these items are accepted for free at the 4R Winnipeg Depots.

For information on what to do with these items:
Leaf and yard waste

Please do not drop off your leaf and yard waste at the recycling depots.

Residents can place leaf and yard waste out for collection once every two weeks, from April to November.

Leaf and yard waste can be dropped off at any 4R Winnipeg Depot. Please visit our 4R Winnipeg Depot page to confirm locations and hours of operation.

Tips and suggestions:Image of a row of containers at a recycling depot
  • Put your materials into the designated bins.
  • You can leave lids on containers, caps on bottles, staples in paper, labels on containers, and windows in envelopes.
  • Crush bottles, milk jugs and cartons to leave more room in the bins.
  • A quick rinse of food and beverage containers helps prevent bacteria and odours.

Didn't find the answer you're looking for? Check out our recycling cart collection page.

For more information, contact 311.

Last updated: December 30, 2019