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Parks and Open Space

Tree Removal

Process for requesting a tree removal

Citizen must request tree removals in writing (process approved by City Council):

Branches being chipped
  • Mail or fax letter to:
  • Supervisor of Forestry and DED Operations
    Urban Forestry Branch,
    1539 Waverley St., Wpg, MB R3T 4V7
    Fax: 204.222.2839
  • Citizen request must be for publicly owned trees abutting their private property
  • Letter should include:
    • reason for why the request is being made
    • location of tree
    • detail any factors to be considered by the inspector
    • contact information - name, address, email address and daytime phone number

Reasons for removing publicly owned trees

Healthy public trees are a valuable asset to the City and the community; therefore, removals are made only in cases that are determined to be serious enough to warrant this action.

  • Safety risk (consideration given to potential tree failure and target)
  • Diseased, decaying or dead trees
  • To facilitate approved major construction projects when alternative strategies aimed at saving the tree are not feasible
  • To facilitate construction of approved private approaches when alternative strategies aimed at saving the tree are not feasible
  • Problematic trees including Cottonwood, other Poplar species and Willow
  • To eliminate damaging situations to structures where pruning is not an option

Communication process if a publicly owned tree is to be removed

  • all tree removal requests are inspected by the Urban Forestry Branch to ensure that tree removal is warranted
  • both the results of the inspection and the information contained in the request for removal letter will be considered in the final decision
  • the Urban Forestry Branch will contact the originator of the request in writing with a copy to the ward councillor
  • the letter will state the findings and whether or not the tree removal request will be granted

Stump removal shall occur within one year of the actual tree removal.

Mushrooms growing on removed stump

The mushrooms are coming up because the wood that remains in the ground after a tree removal, even a stump removal, is decaying. Mushrooms can come up for years after a tree is removed but do not pose any harm. Once the wood is sufficiently decayed and there is no more food (wood matter) for the fungus to use, the mushrooms will stop. We do not provide any treatment for this fungal growth.

Urban Forestry
1539 Waverley St.
Winnipeg, MB R3T 4V7
Phone: 311
Fax: 204-222-2839

Last update: October 15, 2019