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Common name: Peach leaf willow

Scientific name: Salix amygdaloides

Description: Small-medium height deciduous tree 12m tall with one or several trunks. The leaves are whitish underneath and are long, lance shaped, and finely serrated. The flower is a non-descript yellow catkin. The seeds are tiny, silky-haired, and carried by the wind.

Habitat and distribution: Riparian areas, moist to wet conditions

Flowering Season: Late Spring

Location on NPG: In remnant of McLeod Creek near intersection of Dunrobin Ave. and Raleigh St.

Common name: Bur Oak

Scientific name: Quercus macrocarpa

Description: A slow growing and long lived deciduous tree, 12-18m tall. The bark is thick, and becomes deeply furrowed with age. The leaves are irregularly and deeply lobed with shiny green upper surface and slightly woolly undersides. The flowers are slender, drooping, clustered catkins which are followed by acorns in late summer.

Habitat and distribution: Prairie groves / common

Flowering season: Spring

Location on NPG: In treed areas between Kimberly and McLeod Ave.

Common name: Balsam Poplar

Scientific name: Populus balsamifera

Description: Deciduous tree 23-30m tall with greenish gray bark. Leaves are shiny dark green with paler green underside; ovate, alternate, and finely serrated with a sharply pointed tip. Flowers are long, pale yellow-green catkins. The mature seeds are small, leathery, round, two chambered capsules.

Habitat and distribution: Small localized stands / common

Flowering season: May

Location on NPG: In treed areas between Kimberly and McLeod Ave.

Common name: Red-osier dogwood

Scientific name: Cornus stolonifera

Description: Shrub 1-3m tall with opposite branches and bright red young stems. Opposite 2-8cm ovate to oblong leaves with prominent parallel veins converging towards leaf tip. White flat-topped clusters of flowers and white berry-like drupes.

Habitat and distribution: Moist clearings and riparian areas / common

Flowering season: May-June

Location on NPG: Around old McLeod Creek bed and Bunn's Creek.

Last update: October 21, 2019
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