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Parks and Open Space

Allotment gardens FAQ

When will agreements be issued and can I make payments immediately?

Permits will be issued to return renters the end of January. Payments will not be accepted prior to the issuing of permits.

Can I rent more than one plot?

Given the limited number of available plots, users before additional plots are allocated. Gardeners already occupying a plot will be given the opportunity to add plots once the wait lists for new users has been satisfied.

Can I change to another plot?

Return renters requesting to change to another plot will be considered after March 31 once allocation to last year's permit holders is complete.

Will the plots be properly marked and if I have problems determining my assigned plot what steps do I take?

Parks and Open Space Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for the division and marking of multi-lot sites. Every attempt will be made to ensure that sites are properly marked so as to avoid confusion with the users. Should there be problems in this regard refer to the contact person noted on the permit.

I have had or presently having problems with the plot beside me. This plot is overgrown with weeds and they are creeping onto my plot, what should I do?

Should there be problems in this regard refer to the contact person noted on the permit. No refunds will be issued in these situations.

What sort of condition will the garden plot be in when I rent it?

Garden plots are assigned as either unserviced plots or serviced plots. Unserviced plots means that these areas are allocated 'as is' therefore no maintenance (i.e. tilling) is performed on these sites. Serviced lots refer to areas that will be rototilled in early spring by the Parks and Open Space Division.

Does the city do soil testing on garden plots?

Testing soil at all plots throughout the city is a cost prohibitive practice. Gardeners are permitted to carry out testing at their own expense. For information on local labs and testing procedures please refer to the contact person noted on the permit.

Does the city provide compost bins at garden plots?

Composting organic waste is encouraged and bins are provided at several sites. See site descriptions for details.

Where do I get water from to water my garden once it is planted?

For allotment gardens, water does need to be brought to site by users. See site descriptions for options available at each location.

Am I allowed to spray pest control products on my plot?

Environmental acts prohibits the use of pesticides on public land unless under a permit issued for the purpose from the governing body. Any person using pesticides must use them in accordance with the regulations set out in the Pest Control Products Act.

For information on alternative control methods please refer to the contact noted on the garden use permit.

Who can I talk to about a garden not being kept weed free?

Refer to the contact noted on the permit for any issues related to conditions of use.

Can I sell vegetables I harvest from my garden plot?

Garden plot rentals are not intended to be for profit ventures. Many gardeners choose to donate excess produce to local food banks or community kitchens. This practice is greatly encouraged and is sited as a primary benefit of the garden rental program.

Last update: February 21, 2020
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