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WFPS Fire Extinguisher Training License - Trainer's Seminar

Next Course: The next Fire Extinguisher Trainer's Seminar will be held at the WFPS Academy, 2546 McPhillips Street on Tuesday, June 9 from 08:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Cost: $147.00 (2020 rate)


Payment for the course is required to guarantee a spot and can be made at the time of registration.

Background information

The City of Winnipeg Fire Prevention By-Law 35/2017 requires individuals training others in the use of fire extinguishers to be licensed by the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service. The purpose of this license is to ensure that all trainers have the same required information regarding core course content thereby establishing a base level of consistency among service providers.

The Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner has discontinued the previous Fire Extinguisher Awareness Seminar making changes to the WFPS licensing requirements necessary. The Fire Extinguisher Seminar has been replaced with a requirement to attend and successfully complete a Fire Extinguisher Trainers seminar offered by the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service.

About the Course

The WFPS Fire Extinguisher Trainer's Seminar is designed to provide prospective fire extinguisher instructors with a core course curriculum. Upon successful completion of the course, the individual will be eligible to apply for a WFPS Fire Extinguisher Trainer License. This license is valid only within the City of Winnipeg.

The course is not designed for those training persons to suppress fires in specific industrial settings involving specialized tools or equipment. A license is still required to train persons in specific industrial settings and the minimum course content requirements must be met. Any additional training required specific to the industrial setting is to be determined by the trainer and their client.

Applications for the seminar can be submitted online or by attending:

Fire Prevention Office
2nd floor, 185 King St.
Monday to Friday 08:30 to 16:00.

Payment for the course is required to guarantee a spot and can be made at the time of registration.

Cost: $147.00 (2020 rate)

This seminar is not certified by an outside agency. It does not comply with a specific Industry standard. Seminar material has been drawn from a number of industry standards including NFPA 10.

Course Content

  • Understanding fire
  • Methods of extinguishment
  • Classes of fire
  • Extinguisher labelling, classification and rating system
  • Operation of a fire extinguisher - PASS
  • Deciding to fight the fire- Safety considerations, egress concerns
  • After the fire appears out
  • Fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance requirements
  • Delivery of training
  • Practical training
    • Safety while training
    • Live fire considerations
    • Requirement for burn permits
    • Simulators

About the License

The WFPS Fire Extinguisher Training License is valid for 5 years. It can be applied for within two years after successful completion of the course.

The Fire Extinguisher Trainer License can be obtained by attending:

Fire Prevention Office
2nd floor, 185 King St.
Monday to Friday 08:30 to 16:00.

Payment is required prior to issuing the license.

Cost: $142.00 (2020 rate)

The holder of a Fire Extinguisher Training License has successfully completed the WFPS Fire extinguisher Trainer's seminar. They have been instructed in the course content the WFPS deems necessary for an awareness level of understanding regarding portable hand held Fire Extinguisher use. The license holder has committed to include the designated content in their training courses. The trainer is free to include additional material as they deem necessary as long as they do not omit or contradict the core course content. The WFPS does not regularly audit courses taught by licensed service providers. The WFPS does not warranty or endorse any particular trainer or course supplier.

Complaints regarding omitted or inaccurate course content can be made to the WFPS Headquarters by calling 204 986-6380 or emailing Complaints regarding the service provided by a course instructor or company are to be directed to the service supplier or the person hiring them.

Application for Trainer Seminar Exemption

The City of Winnipeg Fire Prevention by-law makes provision for the Director of Fire Prevention to licence those persons working in the industry to train others in Fire extinguisher use should they demonstrate that they have existing training and experience that meets or exceeds the knowledge and skills offered to those taking the Trainer's Seminar.

Bylaw 35/2017, 38(2) The Chief may authorize a training licence be issued under subsection (1) or renewed under section 39 to an individual who has successfully completed education and training programs or courses that the Chief considers to be equivalent to the education and training required by clause 38(1)(b).

To be considered for equivalency the applicant must demonstrate that they have knowledge regarding the core course content (as listed above).

Application to request consideration for equivalency can be made in writing or by email to:

Director of Fire Prevention
WFPS Headquarters
2nd floor, 185 King St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Or email

Applicants should include a brief job related resume. The Director of Fire Prevention will phone the applicant and conduct a brief telephone interview. If the Director is satisfied the applicant meets the requirements then the applicant will be invited to apply for a licence without need for taking the Trainer's Seminar.

Last update: February 10, 2020