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City of Winnipeg
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Public Engagement

Public engagement

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Engage Winnipeg

Join the online community. Get informed. Have your say.

Bringing different perspectives together makes for a stronger democracy, a stronger community, and a stronger Winnipeg.

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Current and upcoming engagement opportunities

Public engagement 101

Public engagement is gathering public input and considering that input to make better decisions. The City of Winnipeg Project Management Manual defines Public Engagement as a process, involving communication and interaction between the City of Winnipeg and its residents that serves to inform and involve the public, and uses public input to make better decisions. The purpose of engaging the public is to achieve decisions that are sensitive and responsive to community values and concerns.

Why do we engage the public?


  • Government and residents sharing information
  • Recognizing value of different types of knowledge


  • Better decision making
  • Strengthened relationships
  • Trust building

What's your role?


  • Provide your lived experience
  • Contribute knowledge of your community

City Staff

  • Determine level of engagement
  • Manage and plan projects
  • Report back on what was heard and how input was considered

Elected Officials

  • Consider the public's views when making decisions
  • Strengthened relationships


  • Participate in respectful dialogue

When does the City engage?

When does the City engage? Start here: Question 1: Would public input define or influence outcomes? Answer: Yes – go to question 2 Answer: No – this project will ‘inform’ the public rather than collect feedback. This could include a website, open house, information session or fact sheet. All projects inform to ensure participants have the informed required to participate meaningfully. Question 2: How much influence will the public have? Answer: Low to medium. This project will ‘consult’ or ‘involve’ the public. Engagement will require shorter period of time, fewer resources consistent with project scope and scale, one or two phases, some reliance on stakeholders. Surveys and online engagement are included with most projects. Consult or involve usually uses workshops, focus groups, surveys, or comment forms. Answer: High – this project will ‘collaborate’ with the public. Engagement will require a longer period of time, more resources consistent with project scope and scape, multiple phases, heavy reliance on stakeholders.


All projects inform to ensure participants have the information required to participate meaningfully.

  • Website
  • Open house
  • Information session
  • Fact sheet

Consult or Involve

Surveys and online engagement are included in most projects.

  • Workshop
  • Focus group
  • Survey
  • Comment form


  • Advisory committee
  • Consensus building

Building engagement

Thank you for taking the time to participate and provide feedback on the draft Engage Winnipeg policy.

In the spring of 2019, Winnipeggers had the opportunity to share their ideas for building engagement through an online survey, online idea forum, and public workshop. Participants discussed their experiences, their challenges with engagement, and how the City can do better to meet participants’ needs and the needs of the community.

Your feedback resulted in an improved recommended policy for Council approval. The recommended Engage Winnipeg Policy and administrative report were reviewed by Executive Policy Committee on September 10, 2019, followed by Council review and adoption on September 26, 2019.

How did we get here?



How did we get here? In January 2015, the office of public engagement (OPE) was established; February 2016: Communications Function Review; January 2017: OPE fully staffed with 1 manager and 3 officers; 2018: Draft Engage Winnipeg Policy through Councillor meetings, a jurisdictional scan, and an IAP2 AGM; Early 2019: Consult on draft policy with Councillors, Public Service, Public, and public engagement professionals; 2019: Council review of draft policy; 2019-2020: Begin framework develop if the policy is approved by Council.

What’s next?

What's next
After we gather your feedback, we will recommend a policy for Council approval and develop a plan for an engagement framework. Following framework development, we will launch and promote the framework, followed by training and implementation. Templates will be developed throughout to respond to needs and requests. Ongoing efforts include trust building, earlier involvement in projects, and improving consistency and transparency.

What are the outcomes?

Building Public Engagement in Winnipeg

3. Toolkit
  • Branded templates, checklists, and guidance documents to create consistent look and feel
  • Training for those involved to implement the Framework and Foundation
  • Builds capacity for the Public Service, Public, and contractors
2. Framework
  • Provides the steps and processes for pulic engagement
  • Defines the steps to achieving the principles and vision set out in the foundation
1. Policy
  • Foundation that supports all engagement activities
  • Provides consistency and transparency regarding vision, principles, and approach
  • Council approved direction


Get involved

Winnipeggers seeking to be more engaged with their local government have more tools than ever at their disposal to access information and get involved, including:


Register for Engage Winnipeg to receive email updates on engagement opportunities.

Registering for Engage Winnipeg allows us to keep you updated on projects that matter most to you. The one-time registration process is short and doing so will give you access to all discussion forums, surveys, polls, and other input opportunities. Select 'yes, I would like to receive I would like to receive email updates on engagement opportunities to receive the newsletter'.

View past issues of the Public Engagement Newsletter:


How can we help?

If you require alternate formats or interpretation in order to participate, please let us know. If you are unsure of how to get involved or are having trouble accessing an engagement opportunity, please contact us at 204‑986‑4243 or .

Here are some of the ways we can accommodate those who may need alternative access to engagement or information:

  • Reformatting documents.
  • Accepting feedback submissions by telephone survey.
  • Offering American Sign Language at in-person events.
  • Offering tactile maps and/or images.
  • French language services for French speaking individuals.

We also aim to reduce barriers to participating in public engagement opportunities:

  • Providing written descriptions of images.
  • Offering captions on videos.
  • Using a variety of ways to communicate (email, web notification, print, etc.) to ensure accessibility of invitations to participate.
  • Adhering to clear print guidelines to maximize readability of print materials.
  • Hosting engagement events in accessible venues, paying attention to accessibility of entrances, doorways, washrooms, and width/surface of travel paths, as well as lighting and acoustics.
  • Accommodating service animals and personal care attendants.
  • Choosing locations that are accessible by Winnipeg Transit.
  • Considering transportation options, including availability and proximity of accessible parking.
  • Considering time of day and providing different event date options when possible.
  • Providing documents and materials ahead of events.
Last update: January 25, 2021

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