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Athletic Fields

  • The City of Winnipeg has a select number of athletic fields available for casual rentals for the general public.
  • Rentals can only be taken after March 1st
  • All other athletic fields not on the casual rental list are booked by sport associations, community centres, and adult groups through the Community Services Department.


In 2013 the City of Winnipeg will be reviewing city athletic field use. City Park Ambassadors will be conducting surveys, assessing field use and educating rental agreement holders. Information gathered will assist to enhance field managment processes.

Why is the City conducting an athletic field review?

  • To review current allocation processes, as the number of fields available for exclusive use is at capacity.
  • To identify fields with rental agreements which are not occupied for extended periods of time (i.e. fields not used but are booked for the season through allocation process).
  • To identify rental agreements that have been transferred/ reassigned to another user group; this is contrary to the agreement.
  • To educate user groups that having the rental agreement on site is a requirement as proof of exclusive use and may be required to be produced in the future.


Are athletic fields available to the general public?
The public is welcome to use City athletic fields at any time except when:

A user group has a rental agreement and is occupying the field identified on that agreement.


A user group has a rental agreement and requests that the field be vacated for the date/time identified on their rental agreement.

What are the benefits of “booking” a field and obtaining a rental agreement?

  • Guarantees the user group exclusive use of a specific field and the legal right to occupy public land for the date, times, location and purpose stated.
  • Prevents and/or resolves field use conflicts by having the rental agreement on site as proof of exclusive use.
  • Assists the field allocation process as it identifies fields that are not in use and available for booking.
  • Improves current management practices for fields and amenities as the City is able to identify high use fields and direct maintenance resources to those areas.
  • Provides funding for maintenance and upgrading of current fields and development of new fields.

For more information on athletic field rentals or to share your feedback on the City’s current athletic field management practices contact us or call 311.


Casual athletic field rental information:

  • Rental includes exclusive use
    • for 3 hour blocks from May long weekend through to Monday of the October long weekend
  • Contact 311 for more information
  • Fee Schedule
  • Cancellation/Refund Policy

How to apply for a Rental Contract

  2. Choose your payment method
    • Customers paying by credit card call 311 to proceed with your rental
    • Customers paying by cash, debit or cheque click here




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Last update: 07.05.2013