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February, 2014

Residential Break & Enter – C14-33183
Residential Robbery C14-38341
March Is Fraud Awareness Month

Think Twice On Thin Ice
Commercial Robbery – Arrests   C14-41915

Suspicious Male   C14-40396
Stolen Vehicle – Arrest   C14-40605
Sudden Death Investigation C14-39726
Warrant Arrest C14-83291
Commercial Break & Enter Arrest – C13-220113
Residential Robbery Arrest – C14-31024
Residential Break & Enter Arrests – C14-36825
CDSA Search Warrant Arrests – C14-36392
Shots – C14-37069
Commercial Break & Enter Investigations – C14-12567
Missing Person – Elizabeth King – R14-11535 - Located
Missing Person – Devon Meyer – C14-36335 - Located
Commercial Robbery – C14-35551
Suspicious Person – C14-35823
Commercial Robbery Arrests – C14-36008

Missing Person – Emily Lewchuk   C14-35443 - Located
Shots Fired Incidents C14-35509 C14-35535
Fraud Investigation – Arrests   C14-34548

Residential Robbery Investigation   C14-34164
Commercial Robbery   C14-34424
Assault Investigation   C14-34425
Robbery Investigation – Arrest   C14-34812
Fire   C14-34245
Attempt Murder – Arrest   C14-33420  
Attempt Murder – Arrest   C14-33489
Commercial Robbery – Arrest   C14-34123
Suspicious Male C14-32750
Commercial Robbery C14-32665
Robbery Investigation – Arrest C13-163790
Sexual Assault – Arrest C11-198424
Commercial Robberies C14-32186 C14-32269
Project Sideshow
Attempt Murder Arrest Update – Homicide – C14-28904
Male Shot Update – Arrests - C13-226075
Residential Break & Enter Arrests – C14-21090
Stolen Vehicle Arrests – C14-31827
Marihuana Grow Operation Arrests – R13-75894
Safer Internet Day 2014
2006 Homicide Investigation – Arrest   R10-85439
Stolen Vehicle / Person Robbery Arrests – C14-27739
Auxiliary Force Cadets Recruitment
Attempt Murder Arrest – C14-28904
Commercial Robbery Arrest – C14-28222
Stolen Vehicle Arrest – C14-28944
Stolen Vehicle Arrests – C14-29011
Commercial Robbery – C14-29025
Commercial Robbery – C14-29115
Update - Homicide Investigation Arrest - C13-178802
Statement Concerning Retail Outlets Investigation
Commercial Break & Enters - C14-26930 & C14-26948

Missing Person – Jamie Brent Morand R14-8523 - Located
Commercial Robbery - C14-26842
Vehicle Robbery - C14-26242
Commercial Break & Enter- Arrest C14-26095
Commercial Robberies - Public Assistance Requested - C14-6599 & C14-7166
Strong-Arm Robbery C14-24634
Residential Robbery - C14-24358
Project Falling Star Update – Arrest – R13-39955
Drug Warrant Arrests - C14-22828
Shots Fired- C14-23068

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