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City of Winnipeg
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Until Election Day
on October 24

Sewage treatment plant upgrades and expansion program

Agreement with Veolia for provision of advice and professional services

Protect the environment
  • Close to $900 million* in sewage treatment construction costs are required to meet new Provincial environmental licence requirements.
    (* this estimate is based on the City’s 2014 Capital Budget)
Protect taxpayers
  • Taxpayer protection by holding providers of engineering, construction and operating advice accountable for quality results.
  • Veolia will provide expert advice to the City for design, construction and operations of our sewage treatment system and will have their compensation depend entirely upon the quality of their results.
  • If quality standards are met and projects are delivered under budget, Veolia will share the savings.
  • If projects exceed budgets, or defects arise in new plants, or operational costs exceed specifications, then Veolia will share in any added costs.
City ownership and control
  • The City retains 100% ownership and control of the entire sewage system.
  • The agreement for assistance from Veolia is for sewage treatment only. The agreement has absolutely nothing to do with our drinking water.
  • The City will continue to fully fund construction and operations of the sewage system.
  • City staff and City managers will continue to perform their duties operating the sewage system. There is no contracting out of jobs as a result of this Agreement.
Last updated: December 29, 2014