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Winnipeg Antenna Systems Policy

The purpose of the Winnipeg Antenna Systems Policy is to outline the local land use consultation process and guidelines to be followed in evaluating Antenna System proposals within the City of Winnipeg. It provides guidance to the telecommunications industry, Industry Canada, City Council, the Winnipeg Public Service and Winnipeg residents. The Policy will assist in defining the nature and type of implementation tools required to manage the introduction of Antenna Systems in the city, for example: by-laws, procedures and programs.

A communication facility proposal review is required to approve the location and siting of all communication antennas or towers that are 15 metres or higher regardless of whoever operates it; and antennas or towers that are less than 15 metres in height that are operated by telecommunications carriers, broadcasting undertakings or third party tower owners. View the submission requirements for the communications facility proposal review.

The goal of the Policy is to ensure there is a reliable communications network in the city while at the same time protecting the safety of residents and minimizing adverse visual impacts on the community. The Policy outlines the City's recommended public consultation process and design and development standards for the siting and placement of telecommunication towers and antennae.

cell tower images

The objectives are:

  1. To establish a siting and consultation process that is harmonized with Industry Canada's Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems Client Procedures Circular (CPC-2-0-03) and Guide to Assist Land use Authorities in Developing Antenna Siting Proposals;
  2. To set out an objective process, criteria and guidelines that are transparent, consistent and predictable for the evaluation of communication facility proposals;
  3. To provide an expeditious review process for Antenna System siting proposals;
  4. To establish a local land use consultation framework that ensures the City, and members of the public, contribute local knowledge that facilitates and influences the siting – location, development and design (including aesthetics) – of Antenna Systems within City boundaries;
  5. To contribute to the orderly development and efficient operation of a reliable, strong radiocommunication network in the city; and,
  6. To provide the City with the information required to satisfy the requirements of Industry Canada regarding local land use consultation, resulting in an informed statement of concurrence, concurrence with conditions, or non-concurrence from the City to Industry Canada at the end of the process.

It should be noted that the City of Winnipeg is not the approving authority for wireless telecommunication facilities. Industry Canada is the approval and licensing authority for radiocommunication and telecommunication and encourages municipalities to develop Protocols or Policies to seek meaningful local input on antenna and tower siting as part of the Federal licensing process. The purpose of a Policy is to outline the local consultation process Proponents will follow and guidelines the City will consider in evaluating communication facility proposals.

The Winnipeg Antenna Systems Policy was recently updated, adopted by City Council and came into effect on May 27, 2015.


Last update: November 30, 2017