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City of Winnipeg
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Planning, Property & Development

Commercial Sign Inspections

Commercial sign inspectors conduct inspections for all permanent commercial signs for structural, electrical and placement compliance.

The types of signs that are inspected include:

  • signs attached to a building/structure that are installed indoors/outdoors
  • structural (permanent) free-standing signs
  • neon signs
  • canopy signs
  • air supported signs
  • structural components of signs and methods of attachment
  • electrical connections
  • placement where signs project on private/public property

Inspections for mobile signs, banners, and signs painted on buildings, structures, or equipment, are conducted by Zoning Field Officers.

Note: The above list is not inclusive, nor is it intended to exclude any other type of installation/construction of signs.

Operational Standards for Digital Signs
Operational requirements for digital signs form part of the City's zoning bylaws and are included as one of the conditions of any digital sign permit issued by the City of Winnipeg.

For property regulated by the Downtown Winnipeg Zoning By-law 100/2004 operational standards include:

220(3.1) Digital signs must adhere to the following operational standards:

  1. must not exceed a brightness level of 0.3 foot-candles above ambient light conditions;
  2. must utilize automatic dimming;
  3. must not use any stroboscopic or high intensity flash effect; and
  4. any other conditions of approval set out through Urban Design Review.

For property regulated by the Winnipeg Zoning By-law 200/2006 operational standards include:

183.1 (3) Digital moving copy signs, digital reader boards, digital static copy signs, and digital static copy, 24-hour hold signs must comply with the following standards for the display of sign messages:

  1. must not display graphics which imitate or resemble any traffic control device;
  2. must have a minimum hold time of 6 seconds except in all PR, RMF and R districts, where a hold time of 60 seconds is required;
  3. must have a maximum transition time of 0.25 seconds;
  4. must not exceed a brightness level of 0.3 foot-candles above ambient light conditions; and
  5. must utilize automatic dimming.

Digital Signs Licensing
The City of Winnipeg is developing a proposed digital signs licensing program. Learn more about this project and consultation with digital sign operators.

Electrical Information Centre
Provides electrical information in brochures, by-laws, and forms.

Last update: August 7, 2019