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The Municipal Cemeteries Branch

Improvement Strategy for
Transcona Cemetery and Chapel

The Municipal Cemeteries Branch is aware of the important role Transcona Cemetery plays in the lives of people living within the city and within neighboring communities.

The City of Winnipeg is currently planning a public engagement process to develop a Transcona Cemetery Improvement Strategy that incorporates the community’s thoughts on improvements and preferences for interment choices. We are asking for your input and feedback as part of this process to ensure the cemetery continues to meet the needs of the community.


The Transcona Cemetery is an important part of Winnipeg’s history and continues to serve the community. The cemetery grounds have land drainage issues in the early interment sections and the chapel requires extensive renovation to return it to use.

The City of Winnipeg is currently looking at developing a Transcona Cemetery Improvement Strategy in consultation with the public and stakeholders to ensure the cemetery continues to meet the needs of the community. A draft plan needs to be developed in consultation with the community for the grounds renovation and development, including renovation of the chapel to enable its return to use.


Document Name Date Type
Public Engagement Summary 2017-08-01 Report


Your feedback is critical to the process of developing an inclusive community Improvement Strategy for the cemetery. Online surveys were accepted until April 28, 2017. The public engagement summary is now available and provides an overview of the feedback collected for the project.

Public feedback from the survey will allow the City to determine the community's top priorities for development and renovation of the cemetery. The project team will use the identified community priorities to create development and renovation choices for further consultation at public meetings this fall.

Contact Customer Service Advisors at 204-986-4348 or if you have questions or feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How old is the Transcona Cemetery?

The Transcona Cemetery was opened in 1914 by the municipality of Transcona and is now the final resting place of approximately 5,000 deceased persons.

Date added: February 1, 2017

Will redevelopment of the site require the relocation of remains?

No remains will need to be moved and no graves will be disturbed to complete the redevelopment.

Date added: February 1, 2017

What will be the cost for the renovations and improvements and who is responsible for paying for them?

The costs for grounds renovation and redevelopment are still unknown at this time. Once we have a clear plan of the work involved, we will be able to discuss the costs involved. It is important to note that not all renovation costs are covered by perpetual care, and interment property owners may have some liability. All grounds development costs are funded by the City.

The cost of renovating the chapel will be better known once its future use has been decided. The costs of renovating the chapel are not covered by perpetual care.

Date added: February 1, 2017

How many people are buried in the cemetery and what is its total capacity?

The cemetery is the final resting place of approximately 5,000 deceased persons. The remaining interment land is anticipated to continue to serve the community for 40+ years.

Date added: February 1, 2017

Has the City ever developed or renovated any of the cemeteries they manage?

Development of new and renovation of old, sections in a cemetery are constant in all operating cemeteries, to ensure they continue to serve the needs of the community.

Date added: February 1, 2017

How many Cemeteries does the City manage and when did the City commence managing cemeteries?

The Cemeteries Branch manages three cemeteries and has provided interment services since 1878, beginning with the opening of Brookside Cemetery. The St. Vital and Transcona Cemeteries were opened by their respective municipalities, and operation of the two cemeteries was transferred to the Cemeteries Branch with the unicity merger in 1978.

Date added: February 1, 2017

What is the chapel and how is it used?

The chapel is the original Transcona prayer chapel, relocated to the cemetery, where it was used for funeral services and as a winter mortuary. It is currently in need of renovation to enable its return to use.

Date added: February 1, 2017

Last update: August 2, 2017