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Mayor's Business Improvement Zone Awards

On May 18, 2018, Mayor Brian Bowman presented the Mayor's BIZ Awards to recognize and celebrate the contributions that Winnipeggers and businesses have made to enhance their local Business Improvement Zone.

"Business improvement zones play an important role in building our city as well as enhancing pride in our city," said Mayor Brian Bowman. "It's great to have an opportunity every year to show our appreciation for all the great work our BIZs do making our communities and city a better place to live, work, and do business."

Thank you to the 16 Business Improvement Zones representing 5,000 local businesses in Winnipeg. Below are links to the 2018 BIZ Award Recipients.

BIZ Awards Recipients
Mayor Bowman

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Academy Road Business Improvement Zone Award
Academy Road Business Improvement Zone

Award recipient: Smashed Window Club

Together with other businesses and residents, the Smashed Window Club was launched in 2015 with the goal of reducing crime in the neighbourhood.

Members of the Smashed Window Club were tired of experiencing repeated broken windows in vehicles and buildings, with no assistance with payment for repairs. The club thought a solution could come from the Winnipeg Police Service, but also through partnering with citizens in the BIZ Zone and the surrounding neighbourhood.

They created a network of social media sharing about criminal incidents in the neighbourhood, using Facebook to spread their message, while also sharing information with the police. This strategy resulted in a reduction in crime over the past few years.

Corydon Avenue Business Improvement Zone Award

Corydon Avenue Business Improvement ZoneAward recipient: Luigi D'Amato

CLuigi is owner of Aurora Pizzeria & Café, a restaurant that opened on Corydon Avenue in 2016. Luigi and his family are from Rome, Italy and moved to Winnipeg three years ago to build an exciting future for their business and family.

When he opened Aurora Pizzeria & Café, Luigi was eager to learn more about business support in the neighbourhood, and meet other entrepreneurs. When he learned that the Corydon Avenue BIZ was looking for a quiet and inexpensive meeting space, Luigi was pleased to offer his restaurant's dining room for BIZ meetings.

Luigi has accommodated all of the Corydon Avenue BIZ board meetings, committee meetings, in addition to their annual general meeting and the BIZ greatly appreciates his support.

Luigi and his family enjoy contributing to the cultural framework and overall success of Corydon Avenue.

Downtown Winnipeg Business Improvement Zone Award

Downtown Winnipeg Business Improvement ZoneAward recipients: Sachit Mehra

As an entrepreneur, Sachit, along with his family, developed East India Company Pub and Eatery into one of the Canada's premier restaurant brands.

Sachit has always believed that communities are stronger through a diversity of voices and experiences and enjoys helping people and organizations in need. Through an annual fundraising event, he has helped raise over $175,000 for charities across Winnipeg over the past 10 years.

Sachit also has a passion for improving Winnipeg as a whole. He has served as a board member and past chair of the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ; was a member of the 2015 Grey Cup Steering Committee; served as community relations chair of the 2017 Canada Summer Games; and served on the host committee and as sponsorship chair for the 2017 International Downtown Association Conference.

Exchange District Business Improvement Zone Award
Exchange District Business Improvement Zone

Award recipient: Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche is an annual all-night celebration and exploration of contemporary art. The event encourages the community to come together to enjoy creativity and innovation in the Exchange District. The event brings thousands of people to the BIZ Zone to shop, dine, and explore.

Exchange District shops, restaurants and galleries say that Nuit Blanche is one of their most successful nights of the year. This festival is unique because it brings a large section of the community together, creating important connections. Nuit Blanche held a recent town hall meeting to obtain input from the community, facilitating ongoing conversations around arts and culture.

Nuit Blanche takes place all over the Exchange District, allowing people to notice the area's beauty, walkability, and see businesses they might not otherwise notice.

North End Business Improvement Zone Award
North End Business Improvement Zone

Award recipient: Carpathia Credit Union

Carpathia Credit Union is a longstanding member of the North End BIZ. Its building has always been nicely maintained and the recent green glow outlining the building is a distinct reminder of community pride.

Carpathia Credit Union serves an important role in the community, as it is the only financial institution in the North End BIZ Zone. In addition to meeting banking needs in the area, Carpathia contributes to neighbourhood programs and activities, including daycares, schools, neighbourhood clean-ups, and community groups.

From humble beginnings in 1940, Carpathia Credit Union remains to be a central hub for a diversity of clients in the North End. The business focuses on providing old fashioned service, but they also have enriched service offerings with modern technology. Carpathia is a proud and exemplary corporate citizen of the North End BIZ.

Norwood Grove Business Improvement Zone Award
Norwood Grove Business Improvement Zone

Award recipient: Dan Carlson

Dan is the General Manager of the Norwood Hotel, past Norwood Grove BIZ Chair of the Board, a veteran board member, and is a dedicated member of the St. Boniface community. During Dan's six years on the Norwood Grove BIZ board, he was instrumental in developing a streetscaping plan, ensuring board governance, and maintaining a connection to area tourism.

Dan ensured the streetscaping plan reflected community initiatives and that BIZ projects not only aligned - but complemented - what was happening in the neighbourhood.

Without Dan's dedication to community relationships and ensuring the BIZ was well connected, the Norwood Grove BIZ would not be embarking on some exciting projects planned for this year.

From area beautification, to local tourism, to community safety... the Norwood Grove BIZ would like to thank Dan for his longstanding dedication and commitment.

Old St Vital Business Improvement Zone Award
Old St Vital Business Improvement Zone

Award recipient: Eric Robert

Eric has been a member of the Old St. Vital BIZ for several years. As treasurer from 2014 to2017, Eric ensured proper funding and contributions were recognized for several community projects. In conjunction with a variety of stakeholders, Eric's financial stewardship helped to push forward a streetscaping budget that allowed for upgrades at the St. Mary's Road and St. Anne's Road intersection. This included public art, benches, and other streetscaping enhancements.

He was also instrumental in helping to implement the gateway sign on St. Mary's Road that welcomes customers to the Old St. Vital BIZ Zone. As well, Eric's volunteer duties included presenting the monthly financials to the BIZ board and overseeing the audit of the Biz Zone's annual financial statements. Eric has demonstrated consistent commitment to the Old St. Vital BIZ over the years.

Osborne Village Business Improvement Zone Award
Osborne Village Business Improvement Zone

Award recipient: David Moxley

David is known for his ongoing support and dedication of the Osborne Village neighbourhood. As owner and operator of Moxley's Rentals, the Osborne Village BIZ has rented many items from David, including generators, power washers, roto-tillers, among other items that help to clean and beautify the BIZ Zone. A respected community citizen, David enjoys chatting about the past, present and future of the Osborne Village with customers and business owners alike.

Over the last 50-plus years that Moxley's Rentals has operated out of the Osborne Village BIZ Zone, the business has been dedicated to devoting time and energy to cleaning the neighbourhood as well as lending a hand during festivals and events. The Osborne Village BIZ extends a sincere thank you to David, his family, and his business for their ongoing support.

Provencher Blvd Business Improvement Zone Award
 Provencher Blvd Business Improvement Zone

Award recipient:Shawn Brandson

During Shawn's six years on the Provencher Boulevard BIZ board, he led many initiatives, including updating the Provencher Planned Development Overlay and launching Mecredis en Musique. 

The Planned Development Overlay helps with urban design guidelines for existing buildings and new development in the area. The Provencher Boulevard BIZ Zone has a distinct feel and culture and that is why it was so important to address building requirements, bilingual signage and architectural details.

Shawn also launched Mecredis en Musique. This lunchtime music series was created in conjunction with Festival du Voyageur and features Manitoba bands and local restaurants on Wednesdays during the summer months.

Shawn is also an area business owner. He and his wife Connie operate Promenade Café & Wine, as well as Gibraltar Dining Corporation, which operates all food and beverage at Fort Gibraltar.  

St James Village Business Improvement Zone Award
St James Village Business Improvement Zone

Award recipient: Portage Cycle & Sports

Portage Cycle & Sports opened 30 years ago and has been in operation in the current location on Portage Avenue for the last 10 years. Their bright yellow store front has become a community staple, known for its welcoming row of bikes parked out front.

Owner Donna Beaudin served a total of eight years as a St. James BIZ Board member and continues to support BIZ efforts. For example, Portage Cycle & Sports helped to find a unique bike that supported the green team. The bright yellow bike features a unique design that had a large front bin, useful for carrying graffiti removal supplies.

The St. James Village BIZ thanks Portage Cycle & Sports for their many years of success and for being a leader in the community.

St Norbert Business Improvement Zone Award
St Norbert Business Improvement Zone

Award recipient: Jean-Guy Talbot

Jean-Guy is one of the founding members of the St. Norbert BIZ, and is also founder and president of Talbot & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants & Consulting Services, a firm with seven locations across the province.

His reputation and credibility within the French and English communities gave others the confidence to join the St. Norbert BIZ board in 2013, the year the BIZ was created. Once the BIZ was formed, Jean-Guy served as treasurer, encouraged growth of the BIZ, and offered his own boardroom for monthly board meetings. 

Jean-Guy's business philosophy is shared in his firm's mission statement, which is: "We exist to give clients true peace of mind and our team members the opportunity to live their dreams - and have fun doing it!" This philosophy has also served the St. Norbert BIZ and its members very well since 2013.

Selkirk Avenue Business Improvement Zone Award
Selkirk Avenue Business Improvement Zone

Award recipient: Lloyd's Quick Printing

Lloyd's Quick Printing has been providing a wide range of services to the North End businesses and community members since 1999. Lloyd's Quick Printing also works with the Selkirk Avenue BIZ on a regular basis.

Owner Dalton Dennis has been an active in encouraging new business in the area. He welcomes new businesses by explaining the benefits of the Selkirk Avenue BIZ, highlighting potential initiatives in the area that support business, and telling whomever he can that his business flourishes. These practical and inspiring words have helped the BIZ to promote vacant commercial spaces along the avenue.

Lloyd's Quick Printing was pleased to have the opportunity to re-surface the Bell Tower with a new cover and in 2015 they provided banners for Selkirk Avenue street poles from Arlington Street to Main Street.

South Osborne Business Improvement Zone Award
South Osborne Business Improvement Zone

Award recipient: Ted McLachlan

Ted is a member of the South Osborne BIZ Street Enhancement Committee. With a background in landscape architecture, Ted has helped the BIZ execute a significant street enhancement project.

From choosing appropriate trees to plant, to determining the best locations, to designing permanent planters, Ted led the charge.

His professional background in landscape architecture combined with his interest the South Osborne neighbourhood resulted in creating a refreshed look that enhanced the community's natural beauty.

The enhancements and greening of the South Osborne BIZ area created inviting spaces that will help draw people to the area, where they will contribute to the BIZ Zone by visiting restaurants, attending concerts, enjoying a coffee, and looking for personal services.

Transcona Business Improvement Zone Award
Transcona Business Improvement Zone

Award recipient: Glenn Campbell

Glenn Campbell has been a Transcona resident since 1988. He is known for his willingness to lend a hand in the community - whether it is snow blowing sidewalks or tuning up people's bicycles.

Glenn supports the Transcona BIZ in many ways. Whenever BIZ staff or Green Team students require building or maintenance assistance, Glenn is always there providing assistance. He enjoys sharing his knowledge, showing the Green Team how to repair and maintain their equipment.

Throughout the summer, the Transcona BIZ delivers a variety of community programming, including: movies, concerts, a Canada Day festival, and a market garden. Glenn supports all of these events by both attending and volunteering. His hands-on approach to problem-solving and his consistent help during the busy event season is much appreciated.

West Broadway Business Improvement Zone Award
West  Broadway Business Improvement Zone

Award recipients: Greg MacPherson

Greg shares the West Broadway BIZ's vision of a healthy and holistic neighbourhood, one that includes a bustling and vibrant West Broadway where storefronts are occupied by small businesses.

Greg has been very supportive of the West Broadway BIZ and recognizes the economic benefits of commercial development and how it contributes to neighbourhood success.

As Executive Director of the West Broadway Community Organization, Greg offers the community a unique mix of social conscience and strategic business sense. He enjoys helping local businesses make better use of storefronts and also helps employees feel safe.

Greg and his organization play a major role in executing West Broadway BIZ community initiatives, including the West Broadway Spring Clean Up, Town Halls, Snowball Winter Carnival, and community dinners. As well, Greg recently helped the Bear Clan expand to the West Broadway area.

West End Business Improvement Zone Award
West End Business Improvement Zone

Award recipient: Rennie Zegalski

Rennie has a long history with Business Improvement Zones and is a former member of the Downtown BIZ board of directors. He is currently in his second term as Director of the Board for the West End BIZ.

A business leader, Rennie also serves on the Board of Directors for CentreVenture and The Forks Renewal Corporation. His other accomplishments include being the Chair, Finance, Administration and Human Resources for the Board of Governors of the University of Manitoba, and Past-President of the University of Manitoba Alumni Association.

Rennie was actively involved in bringing the 2017 International Downtown Association (IDA) conference to Winnipeg. At last year's conference, the West End BIZ was proud to receive the prestigious IDA pinnacle award in economic development under Rennie's leadership. 

Previous Mayor's BIZ Awards

Last update: June 13, 2018