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Terms and conditions

  1. This permit application must be received by the Winnipeg Police Service Special Events Coordinator a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the Parade Date.
  2. This permit is not assignable. The Applicant, and/or Secondary Contact must be present for the duration of the parade, must not consume any alcohol or intoxicants immediately prior to or during the parade, and must be available for contact by cell phone during the parade. 
  3. Parade participants may only occupy the roadway if Police are present to conduct escort and traffic control, or if the permit specifically authorizes this activity without Police presence. 
  4. Parade participants are required to follow all applicable municipal, provincial and federal laws, including public health orders.
  5. The Chief of Police (or designate) may withdraw this permit if,
    1. any of the above information is untrue or incorrect
    2. the parade fails to meet any criteria required under the by-law, or required by any conditions or restrictions named on the permit or any attachments to the permit
    3. the applicant or any parade participant violates any municipal, provincial or federal law, including public health orders.
  6. No person may participate in, or continue to participate in any parade where the permit has been withdrawn.
  7. The Applicant will meet with the attending Police Supervisor a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the event to review plans for the parade.
  8. Only groups authorized by the Applicant shall be allowed to participate in the procession. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to identify to the Police Supervisor any groups or persons not authorized to participate in the procession.
  9. The Applicant will monitor the orderliness and behavior of the parade participants. Should any parade participants be non-compliant with the Applicant’s instructions the Winnipeg Police Service may assist in removing those participants from the event.
  10. The Applicant must arrange for an adequate number of parade marshals based on the number of participants and scope of the event, to assist in coordinating parade participants along the route. Parade marshals must wear appropriate outerwear (e.g. Traffic Safety vests) to make them visibly identifiable.
  11. The procession will follow the timing and route as authorized in the Procession Permit. Participants must move continuously along the route. Any extended stops along the route will require the Applicant obtain a Use-of-Street permit from the City of Winnipeg Public Works department prior to the event. Any deviations must be approved by the Police Supervisor.
  12. Prior to the start of the parade, the Applicant will address the event participants and will instruct the group as follows;
    1. Identify the parade route and termination point.
    2. Identify the Parade Marshals and give notice that their instructions are to be followed.
    3. Identify which lanes of travel the participants will use, and which lane must be left clear for escort group and emergency access (typically the median (left) lane).
    4. Emphasize that the Police Officers in attendance are present to help ensure a safe event for both event participants and non-event traffic. Instructions of Parade Marshals and Police must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety.
    5. Any additional safety or procedural information the Applicant or attending Police Supervisor may feel is necessary for a successful event.
  13. Should either the applicant or event participants not comply with any of the noted conditions, or any other instructions or conditions conveyed by the Police Supervisor, this permit shall be considered null and void. Should this occur, all participants will be required to cease parade activities. Any non-compliance may result in prosecution.
  14. Adequate insurance is in place to protect the City as well as participants and others who may suffer harm or damage as a result of the parade.
  15. The Applicant personally, and jointly and severally, agrees to and with the City of Winnipeg that the Applicant will indemnify and save harmless the City of Winnipeg against all loss, costs, claims, damages, actions, suits of any nature and kind whatsoever, including any arising as a result of negligence of the City of Winnipeg and its employees, contractors and agents, which may arise as a result of the use of the Parade Permit.
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