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Winnipeg Police Service


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Mission Equipment

Mission Equipment

(Forward Looking Infrared)
This unit consists of a gyroscopically stabilized camera with zoom as well as the thermal imagery which tracks people or evidence by heat signatures.
Nightsun (Spotlight) Provides for effective search with a 30 million candle power light that can be slaved to the thermal imagery camera.
Police radios Allow for communications with all agencies and frequencies.
Paravion Moving Maps This is a GPS-based moving map system that lets the Tactical Flight Officer know where they are so as to give accurate directions to ground resources.
Public Address System Powerful loudspeaker to address public gatherings.
Rear View Monitor Allows those in the rear to see exactly what the Tactical Flight Officer sees, used for training and strategic ride-a-longs.
Dual Controls Permits flight training to occur with the aircraft.
MRC Strata Video Downlink  Enables transmission of live aerial video feeds to a police or fire department supervisor on the ground.

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