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Unclaimed Property

With some restrictions and conditions, finders are permitted to claim property if it is unclaimed by an owner after 30 days. It is the finders responsibility to contact the Evidence Control Unit at P1 - 266 Graham Avenue, 204-986-6280, in order to make arrangements to pick up the found property in the event the owner does not claim it.

The following describes return restrictions and includes, but is not limited to, the following:

(a) Firearms/ammunition/fireworks (including air rifles/ammo) of any kind are not returned to finders.

(b) Anything which would bring discredit to the police or hinder police efforts to make Winnipeg a safe community (i.e. pornographic materials, radar detectors, liquor/alcohol, prescription and non-prescription narcotics/pills, unsafe products of any type, etc) are not returned to finders.

(c) Cash amounts less than 25 dollars are not returned to finders.

(d) Any items that are prohibited to possess (prohibited knives, etc) are not returned to finders.

(e) Hazardous goods of any kind (including blood contaminated products and other biohazards) are not returned to finders.

(f) Any item that a lawful owner has been identified for, but is unclaimed (includes wallets and contents, purses, tote bags, etc) are not returned to finders.

(g) Any technical product that contains information therein that could potentially result in private information being released to a third party unknowingly (ie. computers, gaming consoles, cell phones, personal organizers and in some cases digital cameras (dependent on content/deletion capabilities), etc. are not returned to finders.

(h) Unsafe item(s) or anything that cannot be proven as safe to use/operate such as Baby seats, strollers, motorcycle helmets, etc. are not returned to finders.

(i) Anything else, at the discretion of Property staff, that is considered not suitable for return for a variety of reasons/circumstances not covered above. In these cases you may contact our office for an explanation if required.

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