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Statistical Report

The monthly statistical report provide year-to-date and monthly snapshotsof Criminal Code of Canada violations in Winnipeg.  These snapshots form the basis of statistics that are forwarded to Statistics Canada for official tabulation.  Because these are snapshots  they do not include updates throughout the reporting process.  Consequently, these statistics will differ slightly from the official data, which is reported through the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) Annual Statistical Report and Statistics Canada publications.  These statistical reports are meant to provide a general up-to-date account of crime activities.  For official data, please refer to the Annual Statistical Report.


In March 2015 the Dashboard was launched with the intention of providing a monthly snapshot that shows work load analysis of six different areas of the Service.

Data provided compares the current month with the previous month, the previous year and the five year average where possible. 

  • Call Volume: 911 calls are triaged through the WPS, all other calls are either dealt with by Communication Centre personnel or diverted through an automated telephone service. Thus Total Calls received is the summation of 911 Calls, Non-Emergency calls, and calls handled through Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Total Number of Events: Every call received does not necessarily result in an event to be dispatched. Hence the total number of events is less than the number of calls received. Also, certain events created may not get a unit dispatched for different reasons. A dispatched event can either be a response to a citizen generated call or it can be police initiated.
  • Events by Priority: Dispatched events are broadly categorized based on the assigned priority as;
    • Emergency events: Priority 0 to 2
    • Urgent events: Priority 3 to 4
    • Non-urgent events: Priority 5 to 9
  • Crime Statistics: This snapshot of violent and property crimes are based on the reported crimes at the end of each reporting month. These numbers may differ from the ones reported on the Annual Statistical Report issued by WPS as some crimes for a month get reported after the end of month cut-off date for monthly dashboard data.
  • Traffic Safety: Traffic enforcement conducted by Officers and image capturing enforcement systems.
    • Officer Enforcement: PON (Provincial Offence Notice) represent the number of tickets issued in the City of Winnipeg. WARNs are verbal cautions issued during traffic stops.
    • Photo Enforcement: The number of tickets issued by the Mobile Photo Enforcement unit in Reduced School Zone and all other zones (e.g. designated construction zones).
    • Intersection Safety Cameras: The number of speeding violations and red light violations captured by the Intersection Safety Cameras.
  • Social Media: Social media is used to engage and inform the community of events through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
    • Mentions in Month: The number of Tweets that contains @wpgpolice anywhere in the body of the Tweet.
    • Avg. Reach per Day in Month: The monthly average of the number of people who have seen any content associated with the WPS Facebook page (unique users).
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