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Winnipeg's new automated recycling facility now operational

Facility sorts materials from the curbside collection program and the recycling depots

January 22, 2020

Where your recyclables go after being collected from the curb has changed.

Winnipeg’s new automated recycling facility began sorting materials at the end of 2019. It processes all the paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, and plastics collected from the curbside collection program at homes and apartments, as well as the recycling depots.

“The new facility sorts the materials into the proper quality that the market demands,” said Mark Kinsley, Waste Diversion Supervisor. “This allows the products to be sorted out and made or repurposed into new products.”

The recycling trucks dump the recyclables before they are sorted. Some manual sorting is required to separate items not sorted by machines and materials that aren't accepted. Robotic technology is used to sort some of the plastics.\ Approximately 150 bales of material are processed each day. Each one weighs about 980 kilograms.

The facility is designed to process around 30 tonnes of mixed materials every hour. While some manual sorting is still required, roughly 90 percent of the operation is automated.

“The new facility has state of the art technology that uses air and light to sort out the plastic recycling,” said Kinsley.

Kinsley said the technology gives the City the ability of meet the market demands for quality of recyclables being sold.

Even with the technology, it is very important for residents to take the time to ensure they are properly recycling.

“We want to make sure you check the acceptable list of recyclables, rinse out containers, and avoid nesting items,” said Kinsley.

More information about the City’s recycling program can be found on the Water and Waste Department’s webpage.

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