Cleanup status

This map outlines the overall progress of hard-working forestry and parks crews. Please note: crews will be undertaking clean-up in phases, and may return to do more work even once an area is marked as complete. The completion rate only indicates progress made on the current phase of operations.

  • 0%-20% complete
  • 21%-40% complete
  • 41%-60% complete
  • 61%-80% complete
  • 81%-100% complete
  • No data

Overall cleanup
Progress of storm brush pickup and hazardous tree cleanup.
Storm brush pickup
Initial clean-up of branches and brush that have fallen or been cut from damaged City-owned trees.
Hazardous tree cleanup
Removal of branches or whole trees that pose a risk to public safety. These trees are either still standing and at-risk of falling, or have branches at risk of falling.