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By the numbers: City of Winnipeg's storm response

It will take many months to work through all the damage. Hang in there – we’re doing our best.

Crews are tackling the city zone-by-zone, starting on regional streets and moving through to collector streets, residential areas, and City parks.

10 percent of trees impacted

We conservatively estimate that at least 10 percent of all City-owned trees on our streets and in our parks were impacted (30,000 trees).

Foresters, arborists and labourers

Dozens of foresters, arborists, and labourers from Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, and Toronto provided support to local crews.

5 Years

We estimate it will be approximately five years before we are able to replace lost trees. The process will be made more difficult as tress at nurseries throughout the province have also been devastated by the storm.

More than 3,000 tonnes

The City has collected an estimated 3,000 tonnes* of storm-related wood debris.

*As of October 30

More than 30 City crews

More than 30 City crews from the Parks and Open Space Division are picking up brush from boulevards and other public property.

It will be many weeks before these crews are returned to regular operations.