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What’s Your Residential Street Snow Zone?

Weather warnings

Environment Canada monitors the weather 365 days a year. They issue special weather statements, watches, and warnings by radio, television, internet and their Weather radio. Weather radio is broadcast at 162.400, 152.475, and 162.550 megahertz and is picked up by dedicated radios and shortwave.

  • Special weather statement: is provided so special attention is paid to weather conditions that are developing and may cause concern.
  • Weather watch: conditions are favorable for a severe storm to develop.
  • Weather warning: severe weather is happening or hazardous weather is highly probable.

What the warnings mean

Severe thunderstorm warning

A severe thunderstorm has developed, producing one or more of the following conditions: heavy rain, damaging winds, hail (20 mm in diameter or larger), or intense lightning. The storm's expected motion and developments will be given.

Heavy rain warning

Heavy or prolonged rainfall is sufficient to cause local/widespread flooding. Expect 50 mm of rain or more per hour.

Tornado warning

One or more tornadoes in the area; expected development and duration will be given.

Wind warning

Steady winds at 60 km/h or more, or gusting to 90 km/h or more, for at least 1 hour.

Blizzard warning

Snow/blowing snow; wind greater than 40 km/h, wind chill over 1600, visibility less than 1 km, conditions last 4 hours or more.

Heavy snowfall warning

Snowfall of 10 cm or more in 12 hours or less, or 15 cm or more in 24 hours.

Freezing rain warning

Slippery walking and driving, possible damage to trees and overhead wires due to ice.

Wind chill warning

Greater than 2200 watts/sq meter, very cold temperatures combining with wind to create outdoor conditions hazardous to human activity.

Last update: July 12, 2019