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Integrity Commissioner

Gifts and Benefits Disclosure

Gifts Registry - Overview

The Code of Conduct for Members of Council requires that elected officials provide the Integrity Commissioner with a quarterly disclosure statement which identifies the receipt of any gift or benefit connected to the performance of the Member’s duties of office.

As part of City Council’s ongoing commitment to accountability and transparency, this disclosure is made public on the online Gifts Registry.

The Code requires that Members must not accept any gift or personal benefit that would, to a reasonable, well-informed person, create the appearance that the donor is seeking to influence the Member or gain the Member’s favour.

For the purposes of this Gift Registry, a gift or benefit which is being provided with the Member’s knowledge to a Member’s dependent or to a Member’s staff that is connected directly or indirectly to the performance of the Member’s duties, is deemed to be a gift to that Member. 

Dependent means:

  1. the spouse of a Member;
  2. the common law partner of a Member;
  3. and any child, natural or adopted of the Member, who resides with the Member.

There are exceptions to the prohibition against acceptance of gifts. Those exceptions are set out in the Code in Rule 3 relating to Gifts and Benefits. They include: gifts or benefits which are received as an incident of accepted protocol or normal expression of courtesy; services provided without compensation by persons volunteering their time; or admission to widely attended events provided that the admission is offered by the entity who is responsible for organizing and presenting the event, is unsolicited by the Member and the Member is attending or participating in his or her official capacity.

If you have any questions about any entry on the Gifts Registry, please contact the Member directly or the Integrity Commissioner.

Gift Registry

2018 to Current - Open Data


In accordance with Schedule A, Section 3 (f) of the Members of Council Code of Conduct By-law No. 19/2018, all disclosure statements identifying the receipt of any gift or benefit connected to the performance of the Council Member’s duties of office are a matter of public record and are published on the Integrity Commissioner’s website and on the City’s open data portal.

Last update: April 30, 2018