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City of Winnipeg
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Community Services

Leisure Guide Distribution Locations

Where can I get a Leisure Guide?

Over 315,000 guides distributed in Winnipeg annually

Pick-up Locations:
Registration Office Main Floor, 395 Main St.
Indoor Pools:
Bonivital 1215 Archibald St.
Cindy Klassen Recreation Complex 999 Sargent Ave.
Eldon Ross 1887 Pacific Ave. W
Elmwood Kildonans 909 Concordia Ave.
Kinsmen Sherbrook 381 Sherbrook St.
Margaret Grant 685 Dalhousie Dr.
Pan Am 25 Poseidon Bay
Sergeant Tommy Prince Place 90 Sinclair St.
St. James Assiniboia Centennial 644 Parkdale St.
St. James Civic Centre 2055 Ness Ave.
Seven Oaks 444 Adsum Dr.
Transcona Kinsmen Centennial 1101 Wabasha St.
Charleswood 6-4910 Roblin Blvd.
Cornish 20 West Gate
Fort Garry 1360 Pembina Hwy.
Harvey Smith 999 Sargent Ave.
Henderson 1-1050 Henderson Hwy.
Louis Riel 1168 Dakota St.
Millennium 251 Donald St.
Munroe 489 London St.
Osborne 625 Osborne St. Mon, Tue, Thu:
Pembina Trail 2724 Pembina Hwy.
River Heights 1520 Corydon Ave.
Saint-Boniface / St. Boniface 100-131 Provencher Blvd.
St. James-Assiniboia 1910 Portage Ave.
St. John’s 500 Salter St.
St. Vital 6 Fermor Ave.
Sir William Stephenson 765 Keewatin St.
Transcona 1 Transcona Blvd.
West Kildonan 365 Jefferson Ave.
Westwood 66 Allard Ave.
Windsor Park 1195 Archibald St.
Leisure Centres:
Fort Rouge Leisure Centre 625 Osborne St.
Freight House Recreation Centre 200 Isabel St.
Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre 430 Langside St.
Peguis Trail Health & Fitness Centre 1400 Rothesay St.
St. John's Leisure Centre 601 Aikins St.
Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre 510 King St.
Bertrand 294 Bertrand St.
Billy Mosienko 709 Keewatin St.
Century 1377 Clarence Ave.
Charles A. Barbour 500 Nathaniel St.
Charlie Gardiner (formerly Pioneer) 799 Logan Ave.
Eric Coy 535 Oakdale Dr.
Maginot 910 Maginot St.
River East 1410 Rothesay St.
St. Vital Centennial 580 St. Anne's Rd.
Sam Southern 625 Osborne St.
Sargent Park 1111 Wall St.
West Kildonan 346 Perth Ave.
Retail Outlets:
7-Eleven 1795 Portage Ave.
7-Eleven 1880 Ness Ave.
7-Eleven 3021 Ness Ave.
7-Eleven 7-3380 Portage Ave.
7-Eleven 568 Osborne St.
7-Eleven 781 Corydon Ave.
7-Eleven 627 Ellice Ave.
7-Eleven 815 Ellice Ave.
7-Eleven 120 Keewatin St.
7-Eleven 1200 Jefferson Ave.
7-Eleven 1007 McPhillips St.
7-Eleven 772 Mountain Ave.
7-Eleven 427 Academy Rd.
7-Eleven 1490 Pembina Hwy.
7-Eleven 7 Killarney Ave.
7-Eleven 1124 St. Mary's Rd.
7-Eleven 1622 St. Mary's Rd.
7-Eleven 438 St. Anne's Rd.
7-Eleven 183 Marion St.
7-Eleven 1871 Main St.
7-Eleven 1370 Main St.
7-Eleven 355 Henderson Hwy.
7-Eleven 630 Watt St.
7-Eleven 1091 Henderson Hwy.
7-Eleven 404 Edison Ave.
7-Eleven 1393 Henderson Hwy.
7-Eleven 1863 Henderson Hwy.
7-Eleven 554 Keenleyside St.
7-Eleven 456 Talbot Ave.
7-Eleven 1131 Nairn Ave.
7-Eleven 801 Regent Ave. W
7-Eleven 104 Day St.
7-Eleven 920 Archibald St.
7-Eleven 234 St. Mary's Rd.
7-Eleven 734 St. Mary's Rd.
7-Eleven 530 Dale Blvd.
7-Eleven 3510 Roblin Blvd.
7-Eleven 1445 Corydon Ave.
7-Eleven 909 Lorette Ave.
7-Eleven 891 Arlington St.
7-Eleven 500 William Ave.
Ashcroft Grocery 1017 Garfield St. N
Assiniboine Credit Union 3217 Portage Ave.
Assiniboine Credit Union 2211 McPhillips St.
Assiniboine Credit Union 2659 Pembina Hwy.
Assiniboine Credit Union 1210 St. Mary's Rd.
Assiniboine Credit Union 655 Henderson Hwy.
Assiniboine Credit Union 1609 Regent Ave. W
Assiniboine Credit Union 5930 Roblin Blvd.
Assiniboine Credit Union 200 Main St.
Assiniboine Credit Union 233 Kennedy St.
Assiniboine Credit Union 694 St. James St.
Balkan Foods 185 Stadacona St.
Banana Boat Ice Cream Parlour 390 Osborne St.
Bank of Montreal 1780 Ellice Ave.
Bank of Montreal 2727 Portage Ave.
Bank of Montreal 3330 Portage Ave.
Bank of Montreal 330 Portage Ave.
Bank of Montreal 1083 McPhillips St.
Bank of Montreal 366 Main St. (Selkirk)
Bank of Montreal 1188 Pembina Hwy.
Bank of Montreal 2785 Pembina Hwy.
Bank of Montreal 1468 Main St.
Bank of Montreal 1385 Henderson Hwy.
Bank of Montreal 1565 Regent Ave. W
Bank of Montreal 3900 Grant Ave.
Belgian-Alliance Credit Union 101-930 Jefferson Ave.
Belgian-Alliance Credit Union 387 Provencher Blvd.
Belgian-Alliance Credit Union 1177 Portage Ave.
Bridge Drive Inn (BDI) 766 Jubilee Ave.
Bunty's Bubble Bath 820 Ellice Ave.
Caboto Centre 1055 Wilkes Ave.
Cambrian Credit Union 735 Pembina Hwy.
Cambrian Credit Union 1-1085 Ellice Ave.
Cambrian Credit Union 2136 McPhillips St.
Cambrian Credit Union 60 Bison Dr.
Cambrian Credit Union 1602 St. Mary's Rd.
Cambrian Credit Union 115 Vermillion Rd.
Cambrian Credit Union 255 Marion St.
Cambrian Credit Union 1366 Henderson Hwy.
Cambrian Credit Union 1-855 Regent Ave. W
Cambrian Credit Union 3421 Portage Ave.
Canada Revenue Agency 325 Broadway
Carlton Food Mart 30 Carlton St.
CIBC City Place
Canadian Tire Gas Bar 3530 Portage Ave.
Circle K 2359 Ness Ave.
Circle K 829 Cavalier Dr.
Circle K 48 Osborne St.
Circle K 1021 McGregor St.
Circle K 2544 Main St.
Circle K 193 Main St. (Selkirk)
Circle K 1-2077 Pembina Hwy.
Circle K 3311 Pembina Hwy.
Circle K 100-50 Lakewood Blvd.
Circle K 1035 Autumnwood Dr.
Circle K 810 Selkirk Ave.
Circle K 529 London St.
Circle K 737 Gateway Rd.
Circle K 1670 Corydon Ave.
Circle K 407 Carlton St.
Circle K 1750 Plessis Rd.
Colonade Food Store 77 Edmonton St.
Co-op Foods 77 Vermillion Rd.
Co-op Foods 850 Dakota St.
Co-op Foods 1441 Main St.
Co-op Foods 1120 Grant Ave.
Courts of St. James Mall 2727 Portage Ave.
The Crazy Ox Red River College
Crosstown Civic Credit Union 1200 Henderson Hwy.
Crosstown Civic Credit Union 171 Donald St.
Dakota Family Foods 1099 St. Mary's Rd.
Dino's 460 Notre Dame Ave.
Empire Drugs 801 Selkirk Ave.
Esso 1693 King Edward St.
Grant Park Shopping Centre 1120 Grant Ave.
Health Sciences Centre 820 Sherbrook St.
Hosegood's IGA 650 Elizabeth Rd.
Husky 71 Oak Point Hwy.
Husky 563 St. Anne's Rd.
Husky 5141 Portage Ave.
Husky 1567 Arlington St.
IGA 120 Donald St.
IGA 1650 Main St.
Jack Andrews Pharmacy 3223 Portage Ave.
M&M Convenience & Garden Centre 1320 Molson St.
Mini Mart 671 Corydon Ave.
Montana's Cookhouse 1574 Regent Ave. W
Mr. D's Tart-N-Pie 1850 Ness Ave.
MTS Corydon & Hugo
MTS Centre 300 Portage Ave.
Osborne Fire Station 150 Osborne St.
Pal's Supermarket 619 Broadway
Park West Shopping Centre 6650 Roblin Blvd.
Phar Syde Convenience 117 Regent Ave. W
Polo Park Shopping Centre 1485 Portage Ave.
Pop and Shop 701 Regent Ave. W
Quick Mart 495 Sargent Ave.
Royal Bank 220 Portage Ave.
Safeway 3393 Portage Ave.
Safeway 499 River Ave.
Safeway 655 Osborne St.
Safeway 600 Sargent Ave.
Safeway 850 Keewatin St.
Safeway 920 Jefferson Ave.
Safeway 594 Mountain Ave.
Safeway 1625 Kenaston Blvd.
Safeway 1319 Pembina Hwy.
Safeway 2155 Pembina Hwy.
Safeway 2 Alpine Ave.
Safeway 285 Marion St.
Safeway 731 Henderson Hwy.
Safeway 1441 Henderson Hwy.
Safeway 1615 Regent Ave. W
Safeway 654 Kildare Ave. E
Safeway 3900 Grant Ave.
Safeway 2025 Corydon Ave.
Safeway 1612 Ness Ave.
Safeway Gas Bar 1612 Ness Ave.
Safeway Gas Bar 3393 Portage Ave.
Safeway Gas Bar 920 Jefferson Ave.
Safeway Gas Bar 318 Manitoba Ave. (Selkirk)
Safeway Gas Bar 1625 Kenaston Blvd.
Safeway Gas Bar 2155 Pembina Hwy.
Safeway Gas Bar 2 Alpine Ave.
Safeway Gas Bar 285 Marion St.
Scotia Bank 1648 Dublin Ave.
Scotia Bank Polo Park Shopping Centre
Scotia Bank 3247 Portage Ave.
Scotia Bank 623 Corydon Ave.
Scotia Bank 528 Waterloo St.
Scotia Bank 1220 Pembina Hwy.
Scotia Bank 1-9 Killarney Ave.
Scotia Bank 1091 St. Mary's Rd.
Scotia Bank 235 Marion St.
Scotia Bank 1425 Main St.
Scotia Bank 1169 Rothesay St.
Scotia Bank 664 Elizabeth Rd.
Scotia Bank 4910 Roblin Blvd.
Second Cup 100 Osborne St.
Shell 701 Portage Ave.
Shell 493 Osborne St.
Silver Heights Convenience 181 Bruce Ave.
Starbucks 481 River Ave.
Starbucks 743 Corydon Ave.
Street box 1120 Grant Ave. (NW)
Street box St. Mary's Rd. @ Riverbend Ave. (NW corner)
Tim Hortons 1221 St. James St.
Tim Hortons 1795 Brookside Blvd.
Tim Hortons 980 St. James St.
Tim Hortons 1877 Portage Ave.
Tim Hortons 3649 Portage Ave.
Tim Hortons 3296 Portage Ave.
Tim Hortons 1146 Portage Ave.
Tim Hortons 255 Maryland Ave.
Tim Hortons 570 Pembina Hwy.
Tim Hortons 949 Corydon Ave.
Tim Hortons 1590 Notre Dame Ave.
Tim Hortons 240 Graham Ave.
Tim Hortons 1490 Inkster Blvd.
Tim Hortons 2360 McPhillips St.
Tim Hortons 2500 Main St.
Tim Hortons 860 Waverley St.
Tim Hortons 1510 Pembina Hwy.
Tim Hortons 2405 Pembina Hwy.
Tim Hortons 835 St. Mary's Rd.
Tim Hortons 831 Dakota St.
Tim Hortons 2147 St. Mary's Rd.
Tim Hortons 300-50 Sage Creek Blvd.
Tim Hortons 1040 Beaverhill Blvd.
Tim Hortons 1848 Main St.
Tim Hortons 1139 Gateway Rd.
Tim Hortons 935 Headmaster Row
Tim Hortons 1060 Henderson Hwy
Tim Hortons 1495 Regent Ave. W
Tim Hortons 1521 Dugald Rd.
Tim Hortons 188 Isabel St.
Tim Hortons 646 Archibald St.
Tim Hortons 3900 Grant Ave.
Tim Hortons 393 Portage Ave.
Tim Hortons 363 Broadway
Wendy's Restaurant 1039 King Edward St.
Winnipeg Convention Centre 375 York Ave.
Winnipeg Police Credit Union 300 William Ave.


Last update: August 26, 2019

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