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Fraud & Waste Hotline
Report an Incident Online or Phone: 1-866-840-5837


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Fraud and Waste Hotline?

The City of Winnipeg's Fraud and Waste Hotline provides an additional mechanism for employees and citizens to report instances of fraud, waste or wrongdoing by employees or others, such as contractors who do business with the City.

The Hotline establishes an independent channel through a third party vendor direct to the City Auditor's Office to ensure all concerns are objectively investigated and resolved without fear of reprisal or management intervention. The City Auditor's Office operates at arms-length from the City's Public Service and reports direct to Council through the Audit Committee.

Why does The City of Winnipeg need a Fraud and Waste Hotline?

The City of Winnipeg is committed to protecting its revenue, property, information and other assets, from any acts of waste, fraud or wrongdoing by employees and others. This initiative reflects the City's proactive efforts to ensure and demonstrate our commitment to corporate accountability, transparency, responsibility, and sound and ethical operating practices. It will support a high level of integrity of our employees in the workplace, and also protect City property, resources and information.

Who can use the Hotline?

The Hotline is intended to be used by any employee or citizen of the City of Winnipeg.

How is the Hotline independent?

The Hotline is operated independently by a third party and is accessible by phone or Internet. You are not required to provide your name or any other personal information when submitting a report of suspected fraud or waste.

Information received through the Hotline is only accessible by the City Auditor's office, independent of the Public Service.

How do I report an incident of suspected fraud, waste or other inappropriate activity?

If you wish to report an incident of suspected fraud, waste or other inappropriate activity, please contact the Fraud and Waste Hotline online to report an incident or phone: 1-866-840-5837

Can I make an anonymous report?

You can report anonymously through the following:

  1. Leaving an anonymous voicemail with the Hotline at 1-866-840-5837.
  2. Talking with an independent operator but not opting not to leave any of your own personal information. You will still receive a tracking number to follow-up on the status of your report.
  3. Making a report via the online reporting process.

Please note that the City Auditor's Office can only act on anonymous reports if sufficient information is provided to carry out a complete investigation.

Reports need to be made in good faith and be about a specific incident and must, to the extent possible, include the who, what, when and where.

What information should I include in my report?

When reporting through the Fraud and Waste Hotline please provide as much information as possible including:

  • Circumstances of the incidents noted (names, dates, times, places)
  • Location of any available evidence (physical evidence or records)
  • Names and contact information of witnesses
What will happen to my report once it is received?

A preliminary assessment will be made of all reports made to the Fraud and Waste Hotline by the City Auditor's Office and, provided there is enough information to proceed, an investigative team will be assembled to look into the matter.

If there is insufficient information to proceed, and the report was made anonymously, the City Auditor's Office staff will pose additional questions in the event the person who submitted the report checks on the status of their report. If no response is received within 30 days, the report will be considered closed.

Where contact information was provided, the City Auditor's Office staff will try to obtain enough information to investigate or resolve the matter.

An objective and impartial investigation will be conducted regardless of the alleged wrongdoer's position with the City.

The completed investigation will either substantiate the allegation, in whole or in part, or conclude that the allegation cannot be substantiated.

Can I track my report?

Each report submitted is given a tracking number and a password, so you can follow the progress of your case and see what action has been taken. This feature also makes it easy for you to submit more information and it enables the City Auditor's Office to pose additional questions to the person submitting the report, who may respond if they so choose.

Was there a specific incident that sparked the establishment of the Fraud and Waste Hotline?

There was no specific incident that caused the establishment of the Hotline. The City wanted to make sure it was following leading practices by strengthening the mechanisms it had in place around reporting waste, fraud and wrongdoing. Initiatives like the Hotline demonstrate the City's commitment to ensuring we use tax dollars wisely, and provide services in an ethical manner.


Last update: November 10, 2017